Q&A With Our Fave Instagrammers!


Most of us are totally in love with Instagram.

And why wouldn’t we be? Instagram is awesome. And so are the talented people who use it!

We’ve put together a list of some of our fave Instagrammers that you should totally follow. We even asked ’em for their photo tips, tricks, and lil’ secrets.

They’ve replied (see how great they are?) and now we’re gonna share their advice with you (’cause you’re super great, too).

Instagrammers Share Their Photo Secrets


Why Instagram?

beforeInstagram’s only been around since 2010 and yet it currently has over 300 million active users! Woah.

People from all over the world upload photos to Instagram on the regular, from delicious meals to flawless #selfies.

And we gotta say, it’s super sweet to have a site where you can befriend fellow photogs and revel in your love of all things photography!


beforeQ. Fave editing app? 

A. I use Snapseed most of the time to tune the image, adjust details, and increase my depth of field. It’s free, user friendly, and very versatile.

Q. Your macro shots are incredible! Got any advice for super stellar, super close-up pics? 

A. The 3 key things for mobile macro photography are patience, time of day, and lighting.

Just before/after sunset are the best times of day because the quality of light will help you get a sharp focus with an enhanced depth of field.

Always lock your focus. And if you’re using iPhone, try to do several bursts of combined shots.



Q. Fave editing app?

A. I use Priime, a new-ish photo-editing app. I love how simple it is. Priime achieves the look I want without having to use a kazillion different apps. So it saves me time and gives my photos a consistent look.

Q. Your shots have a beautiful kind of minimalism. Any tips for for composing shots so they look clutter-free? 

A. Look for clean surfaces to shoot on. If you want something busy but still simple, look for repetitive and consistent patterns.

For minimal editing: I love lots of bold color, but I try to and even out the highlights and shadows to make them less drastic, causing the photo to look a bit more flat (and thus, simple).



Q. Fave editing app?

A. I use a combination of apps for most of my iPhone photos, such as VSCO, Afterlight, Mextures, Truefilm, and the Faded app.

Q. The lighting in your shots is so pretty and ethereal. Any tips on how to achieve such soft, flattering light? 

A. I try to make sure to place the subject so that the sun is behind them (backlit). If the sky is heavily overcast, I make sure the sun is in front of the subject (front-lit).

Knowing where the sun is and how to handle the exposure is pretty critical.



Q. Fave editing app?

APicTapGo, and sometimes I’ll use Snapsneed or VSCO.

Q. The interior light in your shots is so bright and lovely. Any tips for getting natural indoor light just right? 

A. I try to take the photo by a window and use a white sheet of paper or reflector to bounce the light from the other side.

At night I’ll use something like a reflector and block the artificial light from above so the image has even lighting. Then in PicTapGo, it’s really easy to brighten up the pic and correct the color.



Q. Fave editing app?

A. I have a couple editing apps on my phone right now (VSCO, Priime) but my go-to has been VSCOcam because of their film presets and editing flexibility.

Q. You take such a beautiful variety of photos. What’s your favorite subject to take pics of, and do you have any tips? 

A. People and the human form. I enjoy connecting with people and learning about their personalities and stories.

Tips for portraiture: Connect with your subject! And don’t be afraid to try something different with angles, poses, and setting– you may discover something amazing!



Q. Fave editing app?

A. Lately I’ve been splitting my time between VSCO and Priime. VSCO because I have such a solid workflow and know what look I want, and Priime because it has very subtle, clean edits that are fun to play with.

Q.  You do a gorgeous job of placing human subjects into landscapes. Any tips for combining portraits + landscapes without one overpowering the other?

A.  I often see the landscape first and then try to find a way to incorporate someone into the scene and make it more interesting.

I’ve always been interested in how we relate to the spaces we’re in, particularly that feeling of being small.



Q. Fave editing app?

A. In addition to VSCO, I’m a big fan of Priime for enhancing color and mood in my images. I rely on SKRWT and Touch Retouch for fixing up little imperfections that drive me nuts.

Q. You compose your tabletop photos in such a refreshing way. Any tips for cool ways to compose tabletop shots?

A. I try to style objects in a way that feels tidy but not too stiff. I recommend considering negative space to give your eye a place to rest.

Adding an element of texture brings polish to an image. I like to use bits of linen, wood, and plants. And remember that careful styling is nothing without good light!



Q. Fave editing app?

A.  Snapseed to crop, sharpen, and fix contrast, colors, and details. I love that I can focus on enhancing only parts of photos while leaving others untouched. And PicTapGo, which adds an awesome film look.

Q. Your landscape photos are stunning! Any advice for achieving such lovely shots of nature? 

A. Landscape photography is all about the mood. You have to get out there and experience it. Even if the lighting seems bad at first, it’s just a matter of walking around and finding different angles.

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