Photojojo’s Ultimate D-I-Y Photo Calendar!

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With 2011 just two short days away, we thought we’d teach you how to make a calendar to keep track of all your important photo dates next year.

Of course, we couldn’t just make any photo calendar!

We had to make the best photo calendar EVER.

We’re going to show you how to make a sweet, sticky (think magnets, not honey) photo calendar that you can use and re-use all year long to keep track of your tasks, photo shoots, play dates, and everything else!

Want to know how? Read on!

Make the Ultimate DIY Photo Calendar!

p.s. Thinking of starting your very own 365 project in the new year? See our 365 guide!

So, what’s so ultimate about it?

beforeWe’re making a completely customizable calendar that has a pocket for each day, so you can easily write lists that stay inside your calendar without writing on the calendar itself.

Plus, it’s magnetic, so it looks great on your fridge, magnet board, or any other magnetic surface you have!

What you’ll need:


  • 31 of your favorite photo prints (+7 extra if you want to include the days of the week)
  • About 20 small envelopes (We used coin envelopes)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or regular tape
  • Index cards
  • Magnetic tape
  • Any extra decorations you choose to date your calendar (We used a labelmaker to date ours)

Step 1: Prepare the pockets

beforeTime to make your calendar pockets!

Seal your envelopes shut, with nothing inside. Using your scissors, cut each envelope in half to make a pocket.

We used coin envelopes (available at any office supply store) to make ours, because they are small and sturdy. You could use any type of envelope you choose, or even recycle envelopes you get in the mail.

Step 2: Attach your photos


Cut your photos down until they are just a bit bigger than the envelope pockets you made in step one.

Then, using your glue stick or tape, attach each photo to it’s own envelope pocket.

Once your photos are attached, use your scissors to trim the photos around the edges of each envelope.

Repeat until you’ve got at least 31 photo pockets. (38 if you want to include labels for days of the week.)

Step 3: Decorate & Date

beforeNow that you have all your photo pockets ready to go, it’s time to turn them into a calendar.

Lay your photo pockets out in rows of seven. Mix & match the photos until you find a layout you like.

Next, date the pockets with the numbers 1-31. We used a label maker, but you can easily do this by taping strips of paper to each photo pocket, writing on tape, writing directly on your photos, using numbered stickers, or any way you choose.

Step 4: Magnetize it!

before Break out your magnetic tape and cut it into strips that are 1/2″ shorter than the width of your photo pockets.

Attach two strips to the back of each pocket to make sure there’s enough magnet power to hold your pocket strong all year long.

Step 5: It’s in the cards

beforeTime to prepare your daily cards!

You’ll be putting these inside of each photo pocket during the month, so first make sure they fit inside the pockets.

You might have to cut your cards to fit. We cut our index cards in half and they fit inside of a coin envelope perfectly.

Step 6: Ta-Da!

beforeTime to hang your nifty new calendar!

Arrange the photo pockets in order on your fridge, magnet board, or any other magnetic surface. Ta-da! You’re done!

Have something planned and want to write it on your calendar? Just write it on a card and slip it in the photo pocket for that day.

Now you have a card with your daily to-do’s that you can take with you anywhere! (No need to lug around a big planner with more than just one day’s list at a time.)

Rinse and repeat every time you meet a new month.

Taking it further:


  • Don’t want to use magnets? Try hanging your calendar up on strings using fotoclips! (pictured above)
  • Design your own pattern for your daily cards! Photocopy it onto thick/cardstock paper, cut down to size, and you’ll have customized to-do cards for each day that look professional and beautiful!
  • Use your Instax mini or Polaroid prints to make it a calendar of superhero proportions! Follow instructions from our photo-noteboards tutorial and you’ll be able to write on the front of each pocket AND still store stuff inside! sweet!
  • Instead of using photos you already have, go on a scavenger hunt for and take photos of the numbers 1-31, then use those photos directly on your pockets without having to label them!
  • Make a bonus pocket especially for your blank daily cards so they never get lost and they’re always right there when you need to write down a new event!
  • Use the pockets of days gone by to store photo prints from that day, like an advent calendar in reverse! (Instax mini prints are perfect for this!)

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