Photojojo’s Favorite Flickr Add-ons and Mashups

Photojojo's flickr tool roundup

We loooove Flickr. We want to marry Flickr.

What’s funny about our infatuation, though, is that it involves quite a few other people.

No, no, not like that. We’re talking about the clever developers who have transformed Flickr into the dynamic and lovable photo site that it is. Their creamy vanilla tools and bavarian dark chocolate add-ons are the frosting on the Flickr (cup)cake.

While there are many, many Flickr mashups out there, we’ve scoured through hundreds to bring you our favorite useful and fun ones.

Without further ado…

Photojojo’s Fave Flickr Add-ons and Mashups

p.s. Did we miss one you like? Tell us about it!

Why Flickr Tools Are Cool

As if Flickr weren’t awesome enough, developers across the world can create, using Flickr’s Application Programming Interface (API), tools, plug-ins, and services to work with your Flickr photos. If there’s something Flickr’s just not doing right or too slowly (or not quite your style), chances are someone’s created a tool that’ll let you have Flickr your way.

Useful Flickr Add-ons and Mashups


SmartSetr is like iTunes smart playlists, but for Flickr sets. How bad do your fingers hurt from all that clicking and dragging set-creating? Create a set that automatically updates with your most popular pics. Or a “Sock Monkey” set that’s updated with every new photo that’s tagged accordingly. Also cool, SmartSetr will arrange each set by interestingness if you ask it to. It’s like having your own set-manager-robot. A must-have.


FlickrLeech is like speed-reading, for photos. FlickrLeech will display 200 thumbnails on one page to minimize clicking. It’s perfect for skimming the day’s most interesting photos across all of Flickr, a particular tag, or your favorite users and groups.


FlickrSlidr Sure, Flickr’ll give you the code to put a Flickr badge on your blog or website, but if you’re craving something fancier, it’s FlickrSlidr you want. Enter the URL of a user or group and FlickrSlidr spits out html for embedding it anywhere you like.

related tag browser

Flickr Related Tag Browser lets you surf the Flickr “tag space.” Enter a search term and see photos with that tag, as well as related search terms, based on cluster analysis. Click on these related tags and you’re taken to all those photos and their related tags. It’s a great way to find an image when you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for.


FireFlix inserts a sidebar in your Firefox browser for managing your Flickr stream and sets. Also allows you to search and upload, all from the comfort of your foxy internet portal.


PicLens transforms your Flickr browser window into a 3D cinematic experience. One click, and any image instantly zooms to fill your entire screen. Works with Facebook, too!

Fun Flickr Add-ons and Mashups


Flickrvision uses Google Maps to show Flickr photos as they’re uploaded. You can see what people all over Earth are taking pictures of right now! Amazing.

pim pam pum

Pim Pam Pum’s Flickr toys are entertaining and they look pretty, too. Our favorites are Bubblr, which adds cartoon bubbles to any photo, and Memry, a game that uses Flickr images to exercise your brain.


Tagman The classic hangman game, using Flickr images.

islands of consciousness

Islands of Consciousness is inexplicable. Real-time video loop of Flickr photos + music. Surreal.


Hamster Sudoku isn’t a joke. Instead of numbers, Flickr images of hamsters are used in this mind-bending game. If hamster’s aren’t your thing, change the tag of the pictures.

spell with flickr

Spell with Flickr gives you images of letters and punctuation, endlessly combinable. Use them on your blog or print them out on sticker paper for instant ransom notes, Web 2.0-style!


Tickr generates a timeline of photos from a tag or username. So, if you want to see how your friend Mareen’s changed over the last years, it’s a snap!.

Photojojo's time capsule

Photojojo’s Time Capsule sends you twice-monthly emails with your most interesting photos taken exactly one year ago. Remember that perfect day at the beach?! The road trip you took with your pals? Don’t let your old photos be forgotten.

A Few of Our Mobile Favorites


iPhlickr is a slick, simple-to-use web app for using Flickr on your iPhone. Designed with your fingers in mind, its Flickr-on-the-go.


Exposure, another iPhone app for browsing Flickr pics, is especially cool because of its “Near Me” Function. Using the iPhone’s location-finding magic, “Near Me” shows you photos taken near you right now. See that graffiti-covered garage door across the street? Now see it on your phone, as interpreted by photographers that passed through over the years. Awesome.


AirMe is super-simple. Press one button on your iPhone to take a picture and upload it straight to Flickr, with geo-tagging!


ShoZu lets you upload pictures to Flickr from your phone along with a title and description. Got GPS in your phone? Use the geo-tagging feature to show where you’ve been. More complex than AirMe, but it works with 300+ phones. (See also: Nokia + Flickr Upload, tag, view, comment from your Nokia NSeries phone.)

More, More, More

Want more Flickr goodness? is a great place to start, and this list on Mashable is a great resource.

Want to build your own Flickr tools?
Check out Flickr’s API documentation, then join the Flickr API group to show off what you make and learn from others.