Photojojo’s Father’s Day Gift Guide 2009


Pa, Da, Dad, Daddy,
Father, Baba, Papi, Pops…
Whatever you call him, he’s an OK guy.

And he deserves a shout-out this time of year, so do the man a favor, show him some love.

Lure him out of the Barcalounger and take some pictures together, or pick up a little sump’m sump’m for the guy.

We’ve got all you need in that department: presents to procure, gadgets to grab, and projects to perpetrate. Poppa’s livin’ large this year.

Photojojo’s Father’s Day Gift Guide 2009

p.s. Pssst… Father’s Day is June 21st this year. Hop to, kiddos!

Photo credit: maessive

The Best Things in Life Are Free

poolYou don’t have to spend money to give somebody an awesome present — making something for Pops or doing something together is way better than any old power tool or necktie.

Do a photo essay this year: take pictures of Pa’s favorite pastime or the places he hangs out. If you like taking still-lifes, photograph some of the gear associated with his hobby (we bet you could do amazing things with fishing reels or billiard balls).

No time for a photo shoot? At least get the guy a card. If you enter the code CARD4U at Shutterfly, you can get a free Father’s Day photo card.

Photo credit: apesara

Pictures of You

surfingDad can usually find room for a new picture of the kids, so why not hook the guy up?

Take some portraits of him and the rugrats when they’re not looking, or hand over the camera and have the ankle-biters take self-portraits for their dad.

There are a kajillion billion photo projects in our Mother’s Day department — they work for all people of the parental persuasion.

Photo credit: mikebaird

Working Class Hero

cufflinksWhen Pop’s at work he could use some visual distractions. A vintage camera clock is a good old-school analog solution.

Or you could cater to his insatiable tech-lust and get him a souped-up multi-functioning wifi touchscreen digital frame. (Powered by pure unadulterated testosterone!)

But we think the best work accessory is a pair of sonogram cufflinks, so he can have the very first picture of his kid with him wherever he goes. (Or remind him that work may be boring but at least it’s quiet.)

Secret Agent Man

sunglassesMaybe they’re shy. Maybe they watched too many spy movies when they were kids. They are… sneaky fathers.

But don’t judge them, embrace them! Indulge their James Bond alter ego with a super-secret spy lens for snaps of unsuspecting suspects.

Or get them a pair of goofy-looking but ultra-incognito spy camera glasses with a tiny hidden camera built into the arm.

Word to the wise: if you get your dad a spy camera you may want to pick up a spy camera detector to make sure he doesn’t sneak up on you.

Papa Was a Rolling Stone

coffeeWhen Papa’s flying solo, hook him up with a Acme camera case to guarantee he travels in style, and an Eye-fi memory card so he can beam his photos home.

When you’re all traveling together, you know how it goes: the camera battery dies in the middle of the big road trip, but Dad’s not about to stop the Family Truckster and recharge.

Enter the coffee-cup-lookalike charger (with real plugs and a USB port) to keep you charging ahead. You should have gone before we left.

Inspector Gadget

bottlecapMaybe it’s just our dad, but gadgets multiply in that guy’s house like you wouldn’t freaking believe. So what do we do? Get him more gadgets of course!

This year’s favorites include:

  • The very tiny, very handy bottle-cap tripod that turns any plastic bottle into a camera-steadying juggernaut of technological awesome.
  • The unbelieveably useful Gorillapod which no camera bag should be without.
  • The multi-tasking, super-duper 3-in-1 camera bag for carrying a camera, a snack, and even a change of diapers, and keeping everything separate.

    (We’re not saying our dad still carries diapers around, but, you know, some dads are still at that stage. We’ve been potty-trained for nearly six months now!)

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