Photojojo’s Father’s Day Gift Guide 2008

father and daughter

Remember the year you got your dad that orange plaid tie for Father’s Day?

How about the slicer-dicer gadget that nearly claimed his thumb?

And remember that whole decade of golf tchotchkes?

Your dad remembers.

The good news is, this could be your year to turn it around.

To help you out, we proudly present our super mondo guide to Father’s Day awesomeness.

Photojojo’s Father’s Day Extravaganza 2008

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Photo credit: Tierney Nowland

Make Something for Your Pop

Etch-a-Sketch frameJust because you’re not five years old anymore doesn’t mean your dad won’t love something you made for him.

Dredge up your favorite baby picture and make an Etch-a-Sketch frame for it. Maybe if you tell him you drew it yourself, he’ll act like he believes you.

Got a little foamcore sitting around? And an X-acto knife? Cool, all you need now is a photo of you and your dad to make an awesome pop-out photo. The extra dimension adds extra awesome!

If you can’t make it home for the big day this year, send your dad a mailable mosaic. Enlarge a portrait of yourself on your computer, break it into 4×6 pieces, and send each piece as a postcard. When your dad gets all the pieces in the mail, he can reassemble the poster-sized you.

Photo Gadgets

GorillapodDo you say the word “gadget” to your dad sometimes just to watch his eyes light up? These’ll light him up good.

Gorillapod: smaller than a tripod, cooler than a monopod, more appealing than an arthropod. Stash one in your dad’s camera bag and he’ll never need to lug a tripod around again.

The Eye-Fi wireless memory card sends photos straight from your dad’s camera to his computer or his favorite photosharing website. Now with crime-fighting superpowers!

Awesome Cameras

FlyCamNeed an excuse to get that old remote-controlled airplane out of the garage? The FlyCam weighs only one ounce and has a built-in mounting plate. It can be attached to an RC airplane for crazy aerial photography (both video and still). Try it on a kite, or a skateboard, or an extremely patient dog.

Ricoh GR IIFor anyone who misses the square proportions of their medium-format camera, the Ricoh GR II is like manna from heaven. It packs square format goodness and 10 megapixels into a wee compact form. It’s spendy, but boy is it nice.

Pimp My Office

camera clockYou can’t take pictures with it, but this clock made from a vintage camera would look mighty fine on Pop’s desk. Check out the even more retro box camera clock.

Uncommon Goods also has some cool and unusual picture frames, made from tree bark, salvaged tin, and old records.

TTV photoThose bare office walls could use a little help as well. We did a search on Etsy for “father” and “photography” and found some great photos for sale. We particularly liked two by jenkra and FriendlyMade.

For New Dads

digital photo albumWe think this portable digital photo album would be cool for new dads who have to travel a lot. Like having a little bit of home with you when you have to be away.

Also good: photo dog tags. You can get a fancy leather-wrapped version from Red Envelope or you can make your own.

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