Photojojo Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2008


Add this to your calendar: Sunday May 11th is Mother’s Day.

Now if you forget you can’t tell your mom it was our fault. Not again.

Since you’ve remembered, you might as well get her something nice.

Of course your mom would say it’s the thought that counts, but after you’ve gotten her lavender bath oil three years in a row, it’s getting harder for her to say that without grinding her teeth.

We’re looking out for your mama’s dental work, so here’s a list of gifts that will secure your position as her favorite child.

Do not under any circumstances share this list with your siblings.

Photojojo Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2008

p.s. Check out Susan’s Picture Pass Project and give it a try!

Do Stuff With Your Mom

frame vaseBetcha what your mom really wants for Mother’s Day is just to spend some time with you. So why not do a photo project together?

Take your mom to her favorite outdoor spot and have her model for a photo shoot. If she’s camera shy, put her behind the camera and let her photograph you instead. Check out “The Ones We Love” project for inspiration.

Or start a new tradition a la Diego Goldberg and take a portrait of your mom every year on Mother’s Day. Have her take a portrait of you, too. Each year you’ll add to your time-capsule-in-progress, and you’ll be glad you did.

Once you get the snaps of your mom printed up, frame your favorite and give it to her. Umbra makes a cool combination frame and vase so she’ll have somewhere to keep the pretty flowers you got her. (Um, you did remember the flowers, right?)

Make Stuff For Your Mom

photo cover journalPerhaps your mom’s a bit crafty? Or at least the type of mom who loves that you slaved over a hot glue gun just for her? Then make something for her!

We know a killer recipe for homemade photo cubes. With six sides to slap photos on, there might even be room for a sibling or two amidst the gorgeous pictures of you. Maybe.

If your mom likes to write, make her a journal with photo covers. We think a baby picture on the front and a modern shot on the back would be pretty cool.

Got a whole bunch of pictures you want to use? Make your mom a book! iPhoto is running a Mother’s Day special: enter “LoveMom” at checkout to get 20% off your swanky professional-looking album.

Photo Jewelry

family tree locketIf your mom likes to brag about you (and let’s face it, who wouldn’t?) get her a photo necklace so she can show you off in style.

You can make your own for less than twenty bucks. Pick up a frame pendant necklace from aa supplies and put in your own photo. If you’re looking for a more uptown version, Red Envelope’s family tree locket holds up to 3 pictures.

Feel like having somebody else do the work? Brown Eyed Peas makes custom photo pendants out of Scrabble tiles.

Bookwormy Mom

America At Home“Bah!” you say. “Jewelry? My mother is Professor Emeritus at Harvard. SHE doesn’t want silly jewelery.”

You’ve got some attitude, mister. But we bet your mom’s okay, so here are some gift ideas for her.

America At Home is chock full of gorgeous photos of families across the country. The really cool bit is that you can make a custom cover featuring your own favorite family photo.

A Camera, Two Kids & A Camel is new from National Geographic. One of the magazine’s best photographers writes about raising her two children while traveling around the world on assignment. We want to be her when we grow up.

Nature-Lovin’ Mom

wildlife cameraGot yourself a birdwatchin’ mama? Then have we got a gift for her. The National Geographic wildlife camera automatically takes motion-activated pictures of birds and other animals. It’s like having a sneaky wildlife photographer hiding in your backyard (without the creepy sinister feeling).

Artsy Mom

Jessica BruahIf your mom runs with the artsy set, hook her up with some wall candy. 20×200 sells gen-u-ine prints from emerging artists for only twenty bucks! There are lots of photos to choose from, but act fast if you see something you like. At prices like that, the limited editions sell out lickety-quick. We really like Jessica Bruah, Birthe Piontek and Youngna Park’s work.

Shameless Self-Promotion Corner

custom photo bagNothing caught your fancy yet? May we humbly suggest a stroll through the unbridled awesomeness of the Photojojo Store?

Your mom could totally use one of our custom photo bags. Today’s the last day to order for rush delivery by Mother’s Day!

Might we also humbly (ever-so-humbly) draw your eye to the snappy magnetic photo rope? Or the sprightly Electric Pocket camera case?

Perhaps you would consider the amazing Eye-Fi, which lets you send photos straight from your camera to your computer. Look, Ma, no wires!

More Fun Mom Stuff