Photojojo Father’s Day Photo Gift Guide 2007

Father's Day photo gift guideHere’s what we know about our dads: They love fishing, golf, mowing the lawn, and taking naps. Alas, the amphibious golf cart equipped with fish-finder, lawn-mowing blade, and squishy pillow has yet to be perfected. (Get to it, inventors!).

Sorry, Pops. Maybe next year. In the meantime, here are some photorific Father’s Day alternatives from your friends at Photojojo.

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Photo credit: Denise Perri

Techno Dad

phlips digital picture frameYes, dad loves technology. Almost as much as he loves you! This Father’s Day, bring the two great loves of his life together.

Of course he loves that picture of you and your brother in your Batman and Robin costumes, but even a father needs a change of scenery every now and then. Load up a Philips’ slick digital photo frames feature excellent screens and come in two sizes: 6.5 inch and 8 inch. Fill up either with a heap of photos to keep Halloween ’85 looking fresh.

For the techno dad in need of the basics: our favorite point and shoot, the Canon SD800is is back in stock and down to only $312 at Amazon. A worthy companion, the Sandisk SD USB+ 2GB is now just $35.

For the dad who has everything: a pair of digital camera binoculars will get him closer to the action and make him feel like James Bond in one fell swoop.

All Business Dad

photo tieYou know pa is more than just a guy in a suit and tie, but the fellas at the office might need some reminding. Make sure they see the softer side of dad by equipping him with some personalized biz-bling.

Dad’s up for a big promotion. He’s well-qualified, but his competition is that guy with the hook hand from accounting. That’s tough to beat. It’s up to you to help him turn the sympathetic tide his way. Put your sweetest smile on a photo tie so the big boss man knows your old man’s a family man, through and through. (Pictures of puppies work, too.)

If dad’s already snagged the corner office, a pair of photo locket cuff links will let him show his love low-key.

Whatever his (pre)occupation, every dad needs to scribble a note every now and again. How ’bout a photo note cube for those very important memos or doodles?

Fun & Games Dad

photo golf ballsIf the man’s more Sporty Spice than Old Spice, outfit him with some personalized sporting goods. (Golf, basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball!)

Have them printed with your own photo if you think they’re desk-bound. If you think he’ll use ’em, though, use a picture of your sister so he won’t associate you with his latest bad round of golf.

photo playing cardsMake dad the king of poker night with a deck of personalized photo playing cards. The sight of those adorable grandkids/mom in a bikini in her 20s should throw the guys off their games enough for dad to clean up.

Hungry Dad

Support daddy’s love for the grill with a personalized photo apron. You could show your family pride with a portrait, but a snapshot of a side of beef, raging wildfire, or dad smiling with bbq sauce all over his face might be more appropriate.

Get your favorite photos printed onto a 12-pack of personalized Jones soda. Propose a toast to Dad and have the whole family crew down the bubbly sweetness together.

DIY for Dad

Strapped for cash or just want something a bit more handmade?

From the Photojojo Store..

monsterpodFor the dad who’s into photography, we’ve got a ton of fun photo goodies at the Photojojo Store.

  • Globe-trotting biz-dads will love our first-class ACME traveler camera case in perforated black Italian leather.
  • Gizmo-loving dads will love viscoelastic stick-to-anything-even-upside-down Monsterpod (now only $30) and the bendy-but-not-spendy Gorillapod. Dads love tripods.
  • Dads who love to build stuff with their hands will love making things with our 110pc Fotoclip pack.