Photography? Nope! Pet-ography!

nuzz_rounded.jpgStop right there. Before you start thinking we’ve lost our mind, consider this: William Wegman has been successfully photographing dogs for the past 30 years. And not for nothing: his photographs are comical, endearing, and artistically worthy. His adoration for his dogs is evident, just like your love for your pet.

Your little buddy gives you unconditional love, so why not make some time to photograph the furry/fishy/scaly little guy? To get you going, we’ve compiled a list of great sites: tips on taking perfect pet photos, as well as amazing examples of the form.

The best advice we can give you? Love your subject and you cannot go wrong.

Seven Habits of the Successful Pet Photographer & How to Photograph Pets
The New York Institute of Photography and Digital Photography School come through with excellent tutorials to read before you even touch your camera or that box of treats.

kittenwar.jpgKitten War
Hot or not… for kittens. Once you’ve captured your kitty looking heartbreakingly precious, see how she fares on the battlefield that is Kitten War. (Keep in mind, these kitties play for keeps. Lemmy, Fiona, Smiegel, Squee, and the Two Kittie Brothers have all won thousands of battles already.)

Cats, cats, everywhere!
Cats seem to get more photo love than any other animal. Here’s a few sets that just scrape the surface: Cats in sinks, cats that look like Hitler,, cats in mid-flight (very cool), and a kitten and his new MacBook Pro (adorable). To even it out a smidge, here’s a Flickr pool of Dogs in Pools.

soba3.jpgOolong the bunny
Quite possibly the most internet famous bunny in existence. Oolong the Japanese bunny was well-loved by visitors all around the world who returned to see him balancing new objects on his head daily. (Fruits, pancakes, carrots, mugs, stacks of cookies, you name it.) The New York Times even did a story on him before his passing in 2003.

Bee Dogs
Bee-lieve it. Proving once and for all that a costume makes every pet photo more appealing. Looking for dress-up inspiration? Check Trixie + Peanut.

squirrel.jpgPets taking pictures
Squirrels aren’t exactly pets, but they do happen to be a specialty for Scott Johnson of Avon, OH. His shots of squirrels snapping their own photos with classic cameras are amazingly well-posed and have earned him a cadre of admirers!