Photograph Summer Fun From Festivals to Farmers Markets

Street fairs and block parties and farmer’s markets, oh my!

Summer’s the time for outdoor fun. But so much activity can be overwhelming. How do you make sure you capture it all?

You use this list we made just for you! It has all the photo actions you’re gonna wanna take during your next outdoor summer extravaganza.

Now slap on some sunscreen and let’s go!

Photograph Outdoor Summer Memories


1. Get Crowd Shots

beforePhotographing individual people is fun, but don’t stop there! Capture an event’s atmosphere by shooting crowd shots, too.

Get Up High 

A high perspective helps you fill your frame with people. If there’s a (safe) way for you to get above the crowd, then do it! Even standing on a bench can do the trick.

Use a Wide Angle 

You’ll nearly double what you fit into the shot by adding a wide angle lens to your phone!

2. Shoot Lots (and Lots) of Portraits

beforeYou’ll run into lots of interesting people at big outdoor events, so it’s a prime time to get tons of fun portraits!


Candids (shots where people aren’t posing) are a perfect way to capture the energy of an event. Just remember: timing’s everything. Keep your eyes open and your finger on the shutter.


Have a vendor pose with their products. Or ask a happy couple to shoot you a smile. Swap contact info so you can send them the pics!

3. Find the Musicians and Dancers

beforeOutdoor music fests guarantee dancing. And that guarantees action shots!

Burst Mode

When shooting an activity like dancing, use the “burst mode” on your cam. It allows you to hold the shutter and take multiple photos so you don’t miss any fancy moves!

Remember the Musicians

Use a zoom lens to get close shots of the musicians, especially if they’re elevated on a stage.

4. Scope Out the Deets

beforeDetails like fashion and food help create an awesome experience, so make sure to photograph ’em!


People’s clothing represents the trends at the time. So hone in on cool shoes, hair accessories, and other details that make outfits unique.

Yum! Foodie Photos 

Wanna take photos of all the yummy food you bring home from your event? Check out these foodie photo tips.

5. Make the Rounds (Again and Again)

beforeA busy event is gonna have lots happening at once. See it all by constantly being on the move!

See It All, Then Go Back 

When you first arrive, quickly make the rounds to see where everything is. Then take your time taking photos as you make the rounds a second time.

Check the Schedule 

Big events will usually have a schedule of when certain performances or activities are taking place. Keep it handy and check it often!

Taking it Further


  • If you’re going to a nighttime festival, don’t forget your tripod! It will help steady your cam so you can get nice, clear shots even in low lighting. (Don’t have a tripod? Set your cam to its highest ISO!)
  • Worried about keeping everything charged during your daylong festival? Not anymore! Check out the Super Charged Bag Divider and stay charged all day.
  • We’ve got some suggestions for essential summertime photo gear to make your summertime photo-taking an even more awesome experience.