PhotoGlow — An Enlightened Photo Frame

photoglow.gifMost photo frames don’t excite us. There are exceptions, but for the most part, a frame’s a frame.

So when Ed Sinofsky sent us a frame to check out, we were a bit skeptical. Until we plugged it in.

Ed earned his Ph.D. from the Optical Science Center at the University of Arizona, and his PhotoGlow frame quite literally makes your photos glow.

Just like the backlit ads in movie theaters and malls, light from the PhotoGlow’s back panel passes through your image to make it more vibrant and saturated. Unlike commercial displays, the PhotoGlow is only 1″ thick, uses a super-thin power cord, and draws an average of only 15 watts while in use.

Friends who’ve come over and seen ours invariably ask about it, and after a few weeks we were reluctant to send it back.

Print your own photos or have PhotoGlow do it for you. Prices vary by size and start at $99 for a frame with a pre-printed image.

PhotoGlow – Backlit photo frame

p.s. Here’s the original image we used for our PhotoGlow. The backlight makes it sparkle!