Photo Widgets – Shuffle Your Pics With Virtual Photo Frames for Your Mac or PC

Picture framerYour digital camera can save 500 photos on one memory card, your iPod’s got 5,000 photos on it, and your computer’s packing a cool 25K.

But when was the last time you saw photo #143? Or #2,486?

We’re all buried under a mountain of memories.

You may have 10,000 MP3s, but stick iTunes on shuffle and you’ll hear stuff you haven’t heard in ages. Picture frame widgets for your Mac or PC are the photographic equivalent of iTunes shuffle.

Just load up Picture Framer on Dashboard for your Mac, or Picture Frame on Yahoo! Widgets for your PC, and let the shuffling begin! Both offer a choice of slick frames and the ability to view your own pics, or even view pics from Flickr (your own, or your contacts.)

p.s. The Deluxe version of Picture Framer for Mac normally costs $5, but Photojojo readers can get it for free today (8/21) only! Find out how.

Picture Framer for Mac

Picture framer Dashboard came into being with Mac OS X 10.4, and although a number of photo widgets have since been released, none are as slick or as well-executed as the brand-new Picture Framer from Monkey Business Labs.

Picture Framer lets you view photos in order or in shuffle mode, and can get its photos from a variety of sources: drag and dropped folders, your iPhoto library or albums, Flickr, even your Photobooth pics. Its Flickr integration is top notch–you can search for users by username or email, view your contacts’ photos, and even search for groups. (You don’t need the exact group name, either. Just search for a topic and it’ll find all the matching groups.)

Picture Framer’s strengths are its excellent integration with your Mac and its great Flickr features. Draggable live resizing is a nice touch, as is the smooth animated photo frame resizing when photos that follow each other in the shuffle aren’t the same size… and its selection of beautiful photo frame styles doesn’t hurt, either.

Picture Framer comes in two flavors: a free version that includes a few frame choices and works with photos on your computer, and a $5 Deluxe version with 10 frame choices and Flickr integration. Check out this video demonstration by one of the creators for more.

Download Picture Framer for Mac OS X


Picture Frame for PC

Yahoo Widgets Picture FrameYou get Picture Frame as part of the free download of Yahoo! Widgets. Although it lacks some of the spit and polish of Picture Framer (no draggable resizing of the picture frame, for example), Picture Frame adds a few features of its own.

For example, although integration with Flickr requires an extra quick step (authorization on the Flickr site), once it’s done, you can edit your photo titles, descriptions, and tags, and favorite your friends pics, all right from within the widget. Picture Frame also lets you tap into Photos on Yahoo! Photos, and it lets you upload to either service.

Picture Frame’s frame choices aren’t as slick as Picture Framer, but overall, it’s a nice widget that does a great job of showing off your pics. If you’re running Windows, give it a whirl.

Download Yahoo! Widgets and Picture Frame


More of Our Favorite Photo Widgets

Flickr Joy (Yahoo! Widgets, Mac or PC)
This gorgeous widget invites you type in a tag (“beautiful, color, NYC, kitten, etc.”) which it uses to search Flickr and display a frequently updated panel of thumbnails with matching or related photos. Click any thumbnail to view the full image on Flickr.

Flickr Upload (Yahoo! Widgets, Mac or PC)
Drag a photo onto this widget, type in a few tags, and your photo is auto-magically uploaded to Flickr, no web browser required.

Flidget (Mac OS X Dashboard)
Same as above: A neat Flickr upload and tagging widget for OS X.

Feedr (Mac OS X Dashboard)
Type in a few tags, some Flickr user IDs, or any Flickr RSS feed and Feedr will cycle through matching photos as often as you like. Simple and neat.

[Photos above by Steven Olson, Kevin, and Erin Julian.]