Photo Toys: Don’t Play with Your Food, Play with Your Photos

jigsaw_frame1.jpgHurly proved an important point in Episode 9 when he built the first golf course on a tropical island full of polar bears and strange mechanical monsters — everyone can use a little more fun.

Since photos and fun are what Photojojo is all about, we figured it was time we found you some toys.

From photo rubik’s cubes, to puzzle frames, to photo tic-tac-toe boards, we’ve found photo toys every parent will love.

Don’t have kids? Well, maybe you know one. Or maybe you are one. In any case, these photo-flaunting toys are fun for the young and old alike!

Photojojo’s Photo Toys Guide


If you’re a mom or a dad, chances are you’ve said, “Don’t play with your food”, “Don’t play with the knives”, “Don’t play in the kitty litter”, etc. Times infinity.

Feel like a broken record? How about some photo toys that let you say yes, and let them play with photos? (And hey, maybe we’ll even spark the photo bug in a few.)


photo_lego_blocks.jpgPhoto Cube Building Block Frames

From our clever mates down under (don’t worry, they ship internationally) come these awesome LEGO-inspired building block photo frames for your budding architect/world-famous photographer. Sold in sets of three ($15) in your choice of three kid-crazy colors for lots of photo-stacking fun.

Even better, they double as secret boxes where tots can stash their treasure. (You know, rocks, dead ladybugs, last night’s Bernie Os.)

By the way, if the kid in your life is a future LEGO builder master, check out these cool LEGO cameras you can build together: 1) Medium-format LEGO pinhole cam 2) 35mm LEGO pinhole cam.


photo_rubiks_cube.jpgCustom Photo Rubik’s Cube

The eighties icon is back, loaded with your favorite photos! This is an authentic version of the original Rubik’s Cube with your photos in place of colors. Just select a photo for each of six sides, upload, and you’re good to go!

The Photo Rubik’s Cube ($26) takes 2-3 weeks to arrive.

Tip: Use similarly sized close-ups of your family’s faces (don’t forget Fluffy and Fido) for hilarious mashup pics.


jigsaw_frame3.jpgJigsaw Puzzle Photo Frame

Why settle for a run-of-the-mill photo puzzle when you can get this fun, fun, and more fun jigsaw puzzle frame set. Twelve to a pack from UK shop Dekko.

About $15, and they’ll ship internationally.

(Also pictured above.)


noughts_crosses_frame.jpgNoughts and Crosses Photo Frame

Noughts and Crosses, in. Tic-Tac-Toe, out.

This groovy little picture frame (about $37) combines the noughts and crosses game with a place to put nine of your favorite photos.

Tip: Replace the Noughts with one type of picture, say your firstborn, and the Crosses with another picture, say your second-born, and let them duke it out to the finish.


optrixx.jpgOptrixx Tricks

From the looks of their new line, Modern Kids, MoMA is doing their all to encourage future artists.

Their Modern Kids Optrixx ($10) doesn’t display or take any photos, but it’s a cute little camera trick lens that kids are bound to love. It uses a multi-faceted prism that visually refracts objects more than 100 times. Try placing it in front of a camera lens to take interesting kaleidoscope-esq photos. Not for the wee ones, though, it’s recommended for ages 3 and up.

Psst: Big kids can get their Optrixx fix, too.


More, more, more:

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