Photo Tips From Our Furry Favorites, the #dogsofinstagram!


We took a crash course in barking, then asked our favorite #dogsofinstagram for their secrets to taking the perfect pup pic.

Read through the tips and peep the “paw”esome photos below.

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Tip 1: Props

before“I enjoy a shoot best when I’m familiar with the props involved. Give me a bit of time to get comfortable with the props beforehand. I really hate being uncomfortable. If a prop is too cumbersome, mom uses a bit of clear, stretchy fishing wire (available at any craft store) to secure the prop to my bod.”


Tip 2: Take A LOT of Photos

before“Some dogs are hard models to photograph (I’m not) because you never know what mood they’re in or what expressions they’re going to give. I suggest you have lots of space on your memory card and take a bunch of shots to ensure you get what you’re looking for. Also treats. Always have treats.”

(Here too!)

Tip 3: Get Down

before“When our mom takes pictures of us, she sits down with us so she can be on our level. It’s the best way to get the shots of our good sides. Sometimes she even lays down flat on her stomach to get the best angle. It looks a bit silly, but she always seem happy about the result and we have fun playing with her down on the floor.”


Tip 4: Take a Vid

before“Sometimes a video is actually a better option than a photo if you want to capture a fidgety pet! Instead of taking a photo that might end up blurry, a short video might better show off your pet model’s adorable personality.”


Tip 5: Lights

before“Light trumps all for us. Shoot in all natural light with dogs. Look for big windows and light-colored walls to bounce light for a nice exposure indoors. If we’re outside, we prefer being photographed at sunrise or sunset.”


Tip 6: Patience

before“It’s hard to force a good photo. Sometimes it’s about having your camera ready at all times to capture my best moments. Other times, I might not be in the mood for a photo session, but a few treats and a quick finger on the button might get you a great picture!”


Tip 7: Speak!

before“A good photo is all about the facial expression. My human talks to me a lot during a shoot to get several different expressions out of me. Also, don’t over-complicate things, keep every photo sweet ‘n simple!”


Tip 8: Fast Shutter Speed

before“A quick shutter makes a huge difference when taking my photos. I’m a very patient model, but there are times when I move quickly. (For example, to get a glimpse of a squirrel.) With a high shutter speed, you can usually snap off a photo before I turn my head, or run off.”


Tip 9: Play Fetch!

before“I love playing a game of fetch. I get really happy and excited when I see my favorite toys during a walk in the woods. Playing fetch helps get great pictures with lots of action and genuine spontaneity.”


Tip 10: Fashion Dahling

before“Strike a pose and work on it before you get in front of the camera. Always show your good side and make eye contact. Show off your fashion sense and style – Don’t forget to accessorize!”


Tip 11: Lights, Color, Clarity!

before“If you’re using an iPhone, lots of natural light is key to taking sharp, less grainy photos. Use a great photo editing app to enhance color and clarity. Our human’s photo editing app of choice is Snapseed.”


Tip 12: Get a Run in

before“I have a lot of energy, so it helps to have a run in the park before shoots. I’m more likely to listen to commands that way. It usually takes several failed shots before getting that one great capture. Keep shooting, and learn from experience!”


Tip 13: Backdrops

before“Pay attention to the background! Find good backdrops to use. I pose a lot in front of a big wooden dresser to have a nice clean, but not plain white, backdrop”