Photo Project: Tell a Story With Your Photos

A story in five photosWhen you were small, you got to read books full of big, beautiful pictures.

But as you grew bigger, the pictures grew smaller. Eventually, words replaced them altogether.

If the rise of the graphic novel is any indication, we still like our stories better with pictures.

Here’s a fun project that marries our love of words and photography: Go through your photos and find an event with lots of shots (your friends hanging out, a party, a vacation, whatever.) Now pick five photos, give or take, that tell a story when put in sequence. Ideally, it should make sense without any words.

Your story may be true or made up, silly or serious. The point is to look at your photos as narrative building blocks. To put a new spin on it, next time you’re out with your camera, consider how the photos you’re shooting would look in sequence. Or start with a plot and take the photos necessary to illustrate it.

For inspiration, check out Isuru’s Moon Day Massacre or this story of Homeland Security told using stormtroopers and care bears.

Flickr Visual Storytelling Group