Photo Cupcakes: Have your face and eat it too!

cupcakes_1.jpgJust when you thought cakes and cupcakes couldn't get any better, here come the happy and fun-loving folks over at Icing Images.

Simply send them your digital photograph and they send you back edible icing! Lickety split!

Your tasty photo icing arrives as sheets of sugar on paper backing, sealed in a plastic bag. You can slide it onto cakes, cookies, or cupcakes right away; or store it for up to 6 months. Instructions are included, and sizes range from 11×17 to 2.5 in. round so you have plenty of options.

Photo cupcakes are our new favorite thing. Read on to see how we made ours…

How to make your own photo cupcakes


1: Upload your Photo

Find a picture to put on your cupcakes. We used one of our friend Ella.

Upload your picture using this form at Icing Images. (You’ll need to sign in first.) We picked 12 2.5″ circles for $15.

If your picture doesn’t have a white background, trace out the subject in your favorite image editor before uploading it, or choose to have Icing Images cut it out for you for $4. Any white in your photograph will blend in nicely with the icing on your cupcakes.

2: Make Cupcakes

Your photo icing will take a few days to arrive, so this is a good time to research some cupcake recipes. Here’s Martha’s One-bowl Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous (and we hope you are), try your hand at a Thai Iced Tea Cupcake or a Cherry Chocolate Cupcake with Fennel Cream Cheese Frosting.

In general, you want to use white (or off-white) buttercream frosting. Store-bought works, too.

3: Frost Your Cupcakes

cupcakes_2.jpgYour photo icing will arrive flat-packed in a cardboard mailer, complete with instructions. Let the frosting chill out at room temperature for half an hour while you prepare the cupcakes.

Apply a good dollop of frosting to each cupcake, and spread it as flat as possible on top so the photo icing will bond well.

4: Apply your Photo Icing

cupcakes_3.jpgYou need to apply your photo icing while your frosting is still moist. It’s easy: just remove a circle from the ziplock bag it came in and lay it down on a cupcake, making sure it makes contact with the frosting throughout.

Let your cupcakes sit for a while and the photo and the frosting will meld into each other.

5: Enjoy!

Ta da! Eat, give them to a friend, or just look at ’em. We took ours out for a walk.


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