People in Motion — Two Quick Tips for More Interesting Shots

Capturing motion well is one of the most difficult photographic challenges. It can be hard enough to get the lighting and composition just right in a posed shot. But try and do it while you’re chasing a toddler or a terrier and you’re in for a surprise.

The technical aspects of shooting motion are easy: a fast shutter speed (or the action or sports setting) will freeze motion, a slow one will introduce motion blur. Where you go from there makes the difference between a shot that merely documents and one that uses action to paint a scene or set a mood.

Up for some experimentation? We recommend you start with panning (as in golf, swing through the ball… er, click) and then try some nontraditional composition ideas. Our pals at DPS have a great post on each.

Mastering Panning

Nontraditional Motion Shot Composition

Photo credit: Running Away by Ozyman

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