Peace, Love and Photo Curtains

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Gotta keep those good vibrations flowing, man.

Transport yourself and your living space back to the 1960’s with a beaded curtain inspired Photo Curtain.

It’s simple! Grab your favorite jpeg, a few supplies and string together a far out curtain of photographs.

Put on your rose colored sunglasses and paisley poncho and hop on the diy Photo Curtain train.

Craft a Photo Curtain of Your Very Own

p.s. You (and your best pal) could snag a free trip to Way Over Yonder music festival *PLUS* Photojojo gear. Entering takes all of 5 seconds!

Why It’s Cool

The photo curtain adds a little pizazz to any window or door.

Walking through the curtain and you’ll feel like your are being transported through the present and into the past.

You’ll feel like a teenager again, except for this curtain isn’t made out of plastic beads and you are not listening to the latest music on cassette anymore.

Added bonus: When the wind catches the photos they spin like little butterflies made out of photographs.


  • One photograph, to be printed on multiple pages (we’ll teach you how to do this). Or, a variety of small images
  • Laminating Sheets
  • Circular object for tracing
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Fishing line
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Curtain rod (any longish stick will do)

STEP 1: Enlarge Your Image


Making a large image to prints on multiple pages is super simple thanks to

Choose an image and upload it to

Choose how many sheets of paper you would like your image to be printed on. The more sheets of paper you use the larger the final image will be and the larger your curtain will be.

Download your pdf and click print.

Sit back and watch as your large scale image prints out in little pieces.


STEP 2: Make it Durable

beforeTo help your curtain stand up to the elements, laminate each page you just printed.

If you don’t have a laminating machine, don’t fear! These laminating sheets are easy to get and simple to use.

Place one sheet face down and peel off the paper from the back. Place your photo face down on the sheet and rub to get the bubbles out.

Grab another sheet of laminate and stick it to the back of your photo. It’s a laminated photo sandwich!

STEP 3: Shape up

beforePlace your laminated sheets next to one another to form the large image.

Use your circular object and start tracing circles from the top of the image to the bottom.

Start at the top edge of the large image and make sure the circles line up with one another as you trace circles down the image vertically.

STEP 4: Cut your Circles

beforeCut out the circles you just traced.

Make sure you lie your circles down in the order you cut them, so your image stays in tact on the strands of your curtain.

STEP 5: Measure the Line


Measure and cut the fishing line to fit the length of each row of circles.

Add about 4 inches extra at each end of the fishing line.

STEP 6: Fasten Your Circles

beforeFlip your nicely lined up circles over to create the strands of the curtain.

Place a heavy object on the top and bottom 4 inches of the fishing line to keep it in place and run the line down the center of your circles.

Place a couple of dots of hot glue over the fishing line at the center of each circle to adhere the fishing line.

(No hot glue? Tape works too).

STEP 7: Tie ’em to the Top

beforeTie the top 4 inches of the fishing line to the curtain rod (you can also use a wood dowel, or a cool piece of driftwood, really anything you want).

A couple of knots should do the trick for each strand of the curtain.

Now, hang it up and admire. Nice work!

Taking It Further

  • Print your photos double sided so when the wind catches the curtains you will see images on either side.
  • Cut different shapes out instead of circles. Hearts would be super cute for a wedding.
  • Skip hanging the strands of the curtain on the dowel and string them along a mantel or hang from your ceiling like a garland.
  • Hang the curtain above your bed to create a headboard. Sweet dreams!