Our Best-Sellers & 3 Final New Photo Goodies for 2009


It’s our last gift guide (*sniff*) and the Photojojo elves are nearly out of midnight oil.

But with 3 new goodies, our best-sellers, and some easy-gifty bundles that are sure to please.

p.s. For Christmas delivery order by Mon, Dec 14 by 1st class, Wed, Dec 16 by Priority Mail, Fri, Dec 18 by UPS 2-Day, and Mon, Dec 21 by UPS Next Day.

BACK IN STOCK & ready to ship.

Popular Gifts
IN STOCK and ready to ship.

Three fun bundles for the loves in your life

DSLR Starter Kit
Bad-ass Bowler bag, Diana Lens adapter (Canon or Nikon), Level Camera Cube. $100 $122

Photojojo Lover Kit
The Photojojo Book, $25 Gift Card, and Camera Keychain. $50

The Stocking Stuffer
Magnetic Photo Rope, Squirt Gun Camera, Fotoclips. $25

And… the last new goodies of 2009!

      You-Vision Video Glasses

We’re like the Alfred to your Bruce Wane, the Q to your James Bond.

Here’s a pair of glasses with a teeny tiny camera in the bridge to record what you’re seeing with the press of a button.

You-Vision Video Glasses
$150 at the Photojojo Store

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The Double Shot Camera

Two halves make a whole lotta great photos!

This petite cam takes two shots per frame in bold and beautiful colors (yes that’s twice the amount of photos per roll).

The Double Shot Camera
$45 at the Photojojo Store

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Photoshop Fridge Magnets

Photoshop has been adding the secret sauce to our digital photos for years now. So why not our printed ones, in the kitchen?

Here’s your chance to stylishly surround your photos in the real world with their adobe counterparts. Love!

Photoshop Fridge Magnets
$25 at the Photojojo Store

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