No light? No hot shoe? No problem. The Metz 28 CS-2 Digital Slave Flash to the Rescue!

metz 28 cs-2 digital slave flashNothing will ruin a shot quicker than on-camera flash.

Unless you’ve got an SLR, though, indoors you usually have no choice — it’s either shiny and straight-on with flash, or dark and blurry without.

No longer! Meet our newest friend: The German-engineered Metz 28 CS-2 Digital Slave Flash. (What will the naming geniuses at Metz think of next?)

Here’s how it works: The tiny Metz is an external flash that runs on AAAs. As soon as your camera’s own flash fires, the Metz fires, too. Automatically. Without wires. Within milliseconds. (Speed of light and all that.)

Since it’s far, far more powerful than your on-camera flash, your room fills light, and photos look, well, normal. Since it’s wireless, you can detach it and put it away from your camera, hold it in one hand while you take a photo with another, point it back, up, down, whatever. It’s even got a handy fold-up sliding rail that screws into your tripod socket.

We’ve been playing with the little guy for a couple weeks, and we adore him. (See sample shots.) If you want better indoor shots and don’t have a hot shoe on your camera, you’ve just found your solution!

Metz 28 CS-2 Digital Slave Flash
Thanks to Ben for tipping us off in the forum.

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Here’s a few more fun facts about the Metz we didn’t have room for in our newsletter:
  • It’s designed for digital cameras (so it’s not fooled by pre-flashes)
  • It’s got a learning mode so you can easily train it to synchronize better with your particular camera (we just use him on auto with our Canon.)
  • AAA batteries last about 100 shots
  • Plus and minus button son the back easily let you make the flash brighter or darker, letting you get just the lighting effect (or alien lighting effect you’re going for.)

Here’s our friend Dave. Sad and poorly lit with on-camera flash on the left, armless, but happy and well-lit in the shot on the right. Notice how much more even the light is (we bounced the external flash off the ceiling) and how it’s easier to see things in the background.


(Extra credit: what previous Photojojo projects can you spot in the background?)