New Year’s Resolutions for Photographers

Ball drops! Confetti! Staying up extra late!

The time has come to get started on those New Year Resolutions. But hey, no need to fear. Resolutions can be fun!

This is especially true if you decide to try one or all seven of our Resolutions for Photogs in 2017.

Trust us, these are resolutions you’ll actually want to follow through on. Not only are they fun, but they’re sure to make this upcoming year the best ever in terms of some seriously cool photo feats.

7 Resolutions To Rock Your Photos This Year 

1. Take More Photos


This is what we mean when we said resolutions can be fun! Because really, what’s more fun than taking photos (besides taking more photos)?

Most busy schedules don’t exactly allow for non-stop photo playtime. But even the most hectic of calendars have a little room for your all-time favorite hobby.  So try and set aside even just half an hour a day specifically for photography. Think of it as having little lunch dates! But with your camera!

Need a little more incentive? No probs. Look into starting a 365 Project where the goal is to take one photo everyday for a year. We even have have several articles you can check out, all about ways to make the 365 Project more exciting with tips, tricks, and rad project ideas.

2. Learn a New Skill


It’s never too late to learn a new skill. In fact, we encourage nonstop learning because that’s half the fun of doing anything! And thanks to the internet, you can learn almost anything from the comfort of your bunny slippers.

Have a look at SkillShare, for example. It’s a (free) online community with video lessons and collaborative learning. You can take a photo class (like Food Photography: Prepping a Photo Shoot) or try something in a different realm of interest, like gaming, fashion, or technology.

And if you love to do something (and know how to do it well) there’s also an option for you to teach! You’ll have your own class(es), students, and projects that could end up having very positive, real-world effects.

3. Connect With Nearby Photogs


The possibilities of adventure are endless when you’ve got your camera and some really cool photographers by your side.  So why not make this the year you expand your circle of photography-loving humans?

Consider a photography meetup, for example. These gatherings (organized on have grown in popularity, mainly because photographers shooting with photographers means new friends, new inspiration, and great new photo ops.

See if there’s a meetup happening in your area. If not, you can create one yourself! Pick a safe place to meet and invite your friends. And while photography is the main event, it doesn’t mean you can’t also put the cameras away long enough to have a chat over some coffee.

4. Save For Gear (By Selling Your Photos)


Santa’s bag may not have been big enough to fit all of the sweet gear you’ve had your eye on. So this year take matters into your own hands and make money from your photography (so you can buy equipment to take more photos to make more money to buy more equipment…you get it).

Selling your photos is a great way to make some extra cash, and sites like Stockimo make it easy and fun. You simply upload the photos from your phone, tag ’em, and once they’re approved they go on sale! Oh and importantly: you keep the copyright.

With sites like that and photos like yours, you’ll be swimming in new gear in no time.

5. Get In Front of the Camera


You have a great face and the world wants to see it! Step out from behind the camera and become your own amazing model this year.

Whether you decide to keep it simple (a distant relative who hasn’t seen you in years would love a nice portrait of you!) or want to get super artsy, a self timer and some imagination go a long way.

If you’re nervous and not quite sure how to go about modeling for yourself, try some tips from around the web. And if you’re most interested in perfecting the infamous phone selfie, look no further than our very own Selfie Help Book.

(If you’re still feeling a tad awkward, a little inspirational music in the background may help.)

6. Print More


Do you have tons of photos you’d love to print but never actually get around to printing?

We’ve all been there. But this is the year to say “So long!” to printing woes. Because just imagine how incredible your photos will look once they’re framed and hanging up high for all to see.

We’re huge fans of printing services like Timeshel, who have come up with some inspiring ideas on how to document your memories. Throughout the month you add photos to your “story” and at the end of that month you’ll get all of those photos printed at once and sent to you in a neat little package.

Or, grab our new app, Parabo Press, to make unique prints from the photos on your phone.

7. Brush Up On Photo History


Where was the first photo taken? Who is considered the father of street photography? These are questions well worth knowing, if not just for your own brain bank then at least for some future stint on a flashy game show.

Start learning more about the craft you already love so much by reading through books like Photography: The Definitive Visual History and A World History of Photography.

Your local library (you know, that thing that was around before the internet?) is also a fantastic resource. Have a look at our article on how to find photo inspiration at the library and make the most of your next trip to the land of printed text.

Taking it further


  • Snap more shots of friends and family! Then get to printing so you can make some good ol’ fashioned photo albums. (They’re great for gifts!)
  • Keep your camera clean! It can be easy to get complacent about things like dirty sensors. This year keep things sparkling with your own camera-cleaning tools, or take your equipment to a shop for professional upkeep.
  • Take photos to help others. Use your new photo skills and equipment to put a smile on someone’s face. Check out our “Good Causes” article for a nice jumping off point.



Thanks for the photos! Liz West, Skill Share,, Timeshel