New Year! New Followers! How to Make More Instagram Pals

The empty champagne bottle says it all: the new year has arrived!

Begin the year by sharing your stellar shots with a wider audience on your fave photo sharing app.

We’re talking, of course, about Instagram! We’ve got tips for making friends and finding new followers ’cause your awesome IG pics deserve to be seen.

Go forth and have a picture-perfect start to the new year!


Hashtag Your Pics and Vids

beforeHashtags are the best way to get your content seen by people who aren’t following you—yet!

1. Make sure your tags relevant to your content. Don’t tag a pic of your cat with #fashion unless Mr. Whiskers is wearing a super cute sweater.

before2. Keep your tags specific. Your content will quickly get lost in the crowd with popular tags like #food. Include specific tags like the type of food. #Donuts, anyone?

before3. Check out the drop-down menu that appears when you type in a hashtag. Similar tags will pop up, as well as how many people are using ’em!

4. You can post up to 30 tags per photo/video, but we recommend using 10 at the most. More than that can look kind of spammish.

Double Tap and Comment, Too!

Wanna show someone you dig their work? A good ol’ double tap is made all the more special with a comment!

before1. Taking an extra moment to say why you like the content will not only put a smile on that photog’s face, but they’re also more likely to check out your profile afterwards.

2. Just make sure to keep your comments thoughtful and sincere. Only say something when you really mean it, not just ’cause you want something in return.

Sync, Search, and Enter!

Talk about a trifecta. These 3 tips may seem super simple, but put ’em together and you’ll be unstoppable.

before1. Sync social media accounts so that your IG content can be automatically shared to Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

2. Connect with new people by using the Search and Explore tab. Peep trending and curated content while also searching for specific interests.

3. Enter IG photo contests to promote your work and win prizes! Need help finding contests? This comprehensive guide will help.

Just Have Fun!

beforeGetting too caught up in gaining new followers can end up putting a damper on your IG experience. So remember:

1. Post content that you love, not what you think others want to see.

2. Don’t obsess over “likes.” Your content is awesome regardless of how many people like it.

3. Don’t shy away from selfies. These modern day self portraits are a fun and creative way to express yourself, so just say “pffft” to anyone who looks down on ’em.

Taking it Further


  • Guess what! All your fave Instagram pics can easily be turned into super gorg prints. Get the Parabo app and transform your snap shots into books and calendars and cards and…the list goes on.
  • Check out the Q&A we had with some of our fave Instagrammers not too long ago. We found out their fave editing apps and more!
  • Hey, did you know that Photojojo is on Instagram? Follow us and tag your photos with #Photojojo so we can see your amazing pics and videos.