Must-Have Gear forSummertime Photography

Goodbye tests and 8:00 a.m. classes.

School’s out and summer’s in!

To help you prepare for all those fun-in-the-sun photo ops coming up, we put together a handy list of essential summer photo gear.

From umbrellas to lens filters, you’ll be ready to snap pics whether you’re poolside or in the middle of that long-awaited camping trip.

Slap on some sunscreen and let’s go!

FUNdamental Items for Summer Photos

1. A Nifty Camera Bag


From taking a long hiking trip to just heading to the beach, a camera bag is a must!

It’s not only great for keeping your camera and accessories in one convenient spot, but a cushy cam bag keeps everything extra safe with its padded compartments.

Want one?

Check out our Sunshine Camera Bag! Its bold, colorful design disguises it as a classic beach tote, making it ideal for summer.

Or maybe have a looksy at our Camera Cooler Bag so you can keep tasty picnic snacks/drinks nice and cold.

2. An Umbrella


We love the sunshine that summer brings. But sometimes it can be a little too bright, a little too hot, and a little too in your eyes.

Good thing you can simply carry around an umbrella to create shade wherever you go! Hold it up between your friend and the direction of the sun to cast a nice, cool shadow for them to stand in.


Don’t have an umbrella handy? You can create shade by holding up a beach blanket or t-shirt!

3. A G0-Anywhere Charger


When you’re having fun outdoors, you don’t wanna worry about finding a way to charge your dying phone.

Thank goodness there are go-anywhere chargers that power your phone without the help of electrical outlets!

Want one? 

You can charge USB powered devices just by going for a relaxing summer bike ride. Install the Ride-a-long Pedal Powered Charger onto your bike wheel and hit the road!

Or maybe you’re looking for something a little extra cute? The 100% Energy Apple Juice Power Pack is adorbs and will fit right in with the rest of your summertime picnic.

4. Lens Filters


Filters are like sunglasses for your camera. When you twist one onto your lens you’re reducing the amount of light that gets in.

This gives you more control over super bright lighting conditions that would otherwise make it kinda tricky to get the right cam exposure.

Want one?

You can buy filters (for both your DSLR and phone) or just make ’em yourself. We’ll even show you how with these 10 DIY Photo Filter Ideas.

5. Reflector


Warm summer days don’t always mean perfect lighting. You’ll have moments when the sun is behind your friend, casting their lovely faces in shadow.

A reflector is the perfect way to bounce that light from behind your friend to the front!

Want one? 

Pocket Reflector will not only do the trick, but it’s also teeny and won’t take up a ton of space in your cam bag.

6. Washcloth (To Keep Sweat at Bay)


Sweating is natural and necessary to stay cool on hot days. But nobody wants a super sweaty face in their photos, right?

Keep a couple clean washcloths in your cam bag so your friends can gently dab their faces before getting their pics taken. They’ll look nice and fresh for their closeups!


Hot, sweaty days can also mean oily faces. Check out some oil absorbing sheets like these. Plain ol’ tissue paper works, too!

7. Waterproof Cases


You may be around a lot of water this summer, from swimming pools to the big ol’ ocean. This can be a dangerous time for your phone ’cause let’s face it, accidents happen.

Keep your phone extra safe by slipping it into a water-proof case!

Want one? 

The iPhone Super Suit doesn’t just make your phone waterproof, it makes your phone so waterproof that you can then use it as an underwater camera! Which brings us to our next point…

8. Underwater Cameras


There are other options to check out in case you wanna snap underwater pics but don’t have a great camera phone.

You can buy or rent an underwater housing system for your DSLR. Or keep it simple (and super cheap) by buying disposable underwater film cameras like this one.


There are certain tips and tricks for getting your underwater photos just right. And hey, we’ve got 15 of ’em right here!

9. Colorful Accessories


Full trees, blue skies, picnic foods: summer is a colorful time! Your tank tops and sandals may match summer’s cheery tone, but what about your cam accessories?

Colorful bags and camera straps are fun additions to your everyday summer outfit!

Want some?

A Zigzag Camera Strap is not only super strong (it can hold up to 121 pounds) but its bright colors remind us of the sun over ocean waters.

10. Bike Mount (For Photos on the Go)


Summer’s a great season to blow the cobwebs off your bike and take it for a spin. But what if all your bike-riding is getting in the way of your photo-taking?

Have no fear! Mounting your phone to your bike handles makes it easily accessible so you can take video or photos as you ride. Just be careful!

Want one? 

The Handleband Bike Mount keeps your  phone nice and secure and right at your fingertips. You can have a hands-free video chat with your pals as you ride!

Taking it further


  • Want more advice on how to shoot in the midday sun? We’ve got you covered! Check out our tips, then grab some bottles of water and get to shooting.
  • Summertime means travel! This also means you may end up missing your pals. But you can keep in touch in a really cool way: through photo apps!
  • If you’re looking for more ways to have photo fun this summer, use to start or join a photo walk with your neighboring photogs.


Thanks for the photos! KT Lindsay and Tim Parkinson