Meet the Socialmaticfrom Polaroid

The camera of the future is here! Well, in the very near future of 2015 it will be. And you can be the first in line to snag one.

The Socialmatic from Polaroid is half top-of-the-line digital camera, half instant-photo-printer, and half social-sharing machine. That’s too many halves! All this goodness cannot be constrained by math.

This 14MP camera has a big ol’ touchscreen and Android built in. So you can edit using your favorite apps, print your masterpiece and post it online right then and there.

There’s even a 2MP selfie-cam on the back! Polaroid really thought of everything.

Order now and you’ll be first in line when they ship out. It’ll be worth the wait, even if you hand a Socialmatic IOU to your BFF this Xmas.
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$299 at the Photojojo Shop