Meet the Instax 90:the Littlest Instant Cam Yet

Twoday is extra special! We’ve got two amazing treats in the Photojojo Shop – a camera shipped in all the way from Japan and the funnest photo choose your own adventure game ever!

Hurry hurry. The Instax 90 Instant Camera is in very limited supply and Click Your Own Adventure (along with its prizes) are only around till the end of today.

The Instax 90 gives you control over your instant prints like no Instax has before. It has an adjustable shutter speed for action shots and low light photos alike, a macro mode for close-ups and a double exposure setting for getting really arty.

This latest model from our friends at Fuji has a compact rechargeable battery, making it their most compact camera yet.

Our limited supply from Japan is sure to move fast! Nab yours quick.

Then try your hand at Click Your Own Adventure – Take a journey, confront peril, win things, or get eaten.

Check Out The Instax 90
$225 at the Photojojo Store

Click Your Own Adventure
Play TODAY (11/4) only