Meet PJ:Taylor Edition

Name: Taylor “Sweet T” Meredith

What Do You Do Here? I have way too much fun writing articles every week for the Photojojo blog.

Favorite Camera: Whatever I’ve got in my hand! Currently a Nikon D40x.

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Fave Editing App: Pixlr. It has both a web and mobile app! It’s super user-friendly and perfect for all my editing needs, from cropping to color correction.

Instagram Handle: I’m actually on Tumblr! 

A Photographer Who Inspires You: Reginald Thomas. Reginald’s street portraits are not only beautiful but incredibly honest. He shares the complex stories of the people he photographs so that they’re not simply subjects in a photo but people that you can get to know and care about.

You moved from Florida to Ohio last year. What’s your fave thing about moving to the Midwest? Seasons! The weather in southwest Florida is pretty monontous all year long, so it’s been really exciting to live in a place where both the landscape and temperature are always changing. This past autumn was especially fun because the colors were amazing. I couldn’t put my camera down!