Meet PJ:Suman Edition

Welcome to a Special Edition of Meet Photojojo. In honor of Mother’s Day … Meet Suman!

Not only is she the mom of our founder, Amit, she’s been working in the Photojojo Shop since day 1. Her garage was our original warehouse! She’s become everyone’s very favorite work mom, always there to help you out and a real joy to work with. :]

Name: Suman “Mom-in-Chief” Gupta

What Do You Do Here? I take care of the inventory, place orders with vendors. Make sure we have enough stock on hand & that we don’t run out before we get the next shipment.

Favorite Camera: Of course, it is my iPhone 6.

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A Photographer Who Inspires You: Margo Duvall. A former product photographer for Photojojo until she moved to Arkansas. I always loved how she made the products come alive.

Was Amit a good baby/kid? Tell the truth. Believe it or not, Amit was a very good baby & serious kid. He used to sit with us, instead of playing with kids when we had company over. He did not play with toys but did surgeries on them. It is not because his father was a surgeon but because he wanted to figure out how they worked. I can go on & on but I think I should stop here.

What Team Photojojo Really Thinks About Suman:
“Suman is a wonderful human! I love how she always gets things done and I never hesitate to ask her for help (because I know she’ll have my back). I feel like she’s the ying to our yang and a very necessary part of Photojojo.” – Amy

“I can’t count how many times Suman has saved the day for Photojojo! That’s what Moms are for I guess :)” – Jen

“Suman is the most thoughtful and sweetest lady ever – and she’s totally fierce. I wanna be a Suman when I grow up.” – Emily


Happy Mother’s Day, Suman!