Meet PJ:Lana Edition

Name: Lana “Captain Coffee” Douglas

What Do You Do Here? I steer our team of happy customer helpers. (AKA the buck stops with me!)

Favorite Camera: Canon 7D.

Fave Editing App: PicTapGo It’s like filters on steroids. You can layer and alter the intensity of each filter before sending it off into photoland.

Instagram Handle: @ldouglas1987

A Photographer Who Inspires You: Photo Booth Graphics This husband and wife photography team inspires me because I met them when they were just starting out. Now they have this amazing photography business and it reminds me that if you love what you do, you can turn your dreams into reality.

You’ve traveled (and photo-ed) various places around the world. What’s the #1 photo accessory to bring on a photo heavy trip? Waldo. I started taking a bunch of trips by myself and rather than litter my profile with selfies, I take photos of my Waldo figure. It has the added bonus of not having to hand over your $2,000+ camera to a total stranger.

Actual Equipment answer: Instax 8. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your photo develop right before your eyes. And it works as a great ice breaker if you are around camera shy people.