Meet PJ: Darby Edition

Name: Darby “Professional Designer or something” Thomas

What Do You Do Here? I draw funny pictures and make funny websites.

Favorite Camera: The Lomo Instant (this guy here).

Learn Even More About Darbton Abbey

Fave Editing App: Priime Recently my go-to app is Priime. It analyzes your photo and then suggests a filter. The filters are all made by a lot of people I follow and admire on Instagram and the Internet.

Instagram Handle: @ddddarby

A Photographer Who Inspires You: June Kim.
Everyone at Photojojo is a great photographer and really inspiring, so I’ll say our official Photographer, June. She makes wonderful photos!

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate sorbet from Ice Cream Bar in San Francisco is the best chocolate you’ve ever eaten. It’s Vegan, too!

Where can we see more photos of your huge dog? #adabiscuit