Meet PJ:Amy Edition

Name: Amy “thewildamy” Kosar

What Do You Do Here? I’m an obsessive number tracker who keeps day to day operations running smoothly.

Favorite Camera: Anything with film in it!

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Fave Editing App: Instagram. I love the addition of basic editing tools like straightening that are available in-app. So I can go #nofilter or add one of the lovely IG filters.

Instagram Handle: @thewildamy

A Photographer Who Inspires You: Kim A Thomas. Kim was photographer at Photojojo until last year and now she is going back to school. Not only is her photography beautiful to look at, the way she mixes her creative writing into her work process is inspirational. I think it shows in her thoughtful images.

As a proud resident of Oakland, what’s your favorite spot in that lovely town? All my favorite places are food places! The Home of Chicken & Waffles would be one – not only is the food downright delicious, they choose to serve the community by hiring only locals, and 25% of their staff are felons getting a second chance. You’ll probably see me there at least once a month!

We hear your pup is on Instagram! Yup, he’s @earlthedog.