Makin’ a Splash!Photo Fun on Rainy Days

Rain, rain, go away…

Or don’t! Because rainy days make the outdoors a big ol’ playground for photographers.

In fact, we put together a list of photo ideas so you can have fun taking pics before, during, and after the rain.

Who says you have to stay in just ’cause it’s a little wet outside? Grab your cam and make the most of it!


1. Pre-Rain Clouds

beforeRainy day photos begin even before the rain starts, with haunting shots of approaching storm clouds.

Check the Forecast  

Stay ahead of the rain and download a weather app like AccuWeather. Keep track of forecasts for your exact location, including start/end times for rainfall.

Use A Filter 

Storm clouds are tricky to photograph ’cause some spots are bright and others super dark. Use a polarizing filter to even out the tones so you don’t lose any details.

2. Falling Droplets

beforeNow that you’ve got your pre-rain shots down, it’s time for some mid-rain pics!

Dark Backdrops 

Rain reflects light and will blend into brighter backgrounds. Compose your shot with a darker backdrop (ex: a group of trees) to give the rain something to stand out against.

Hitting the Ground  

Get low and photograph the rain as it bounces off the ground! Shoot from the side to really capture the downward movement, and use a fast exposure to avoid blurry droplets.

3. Playin’-in-the-Rain Portraits

beforeTaking pics of friends is even fun more than usual with a little rain to play in while you do it!

Under Your Umbrella-ella-ay!  

Give your friend an umbrella to hold, but don’t hide it out of frame! Keep it in the shot and have your friend twirl it or peek at you from underneath it. Cute!

Keep the Cam Safe 

Rainy day portraits are great, but only if you keep your equipment dry! For phoneographers, check out the iPhone Super Suite. For DSLR-users, make a cheap rain cover for your cam.

4.  Reflections in Puddles

beforeHeavy rain leaves behind puddles to both jump in and photograph reflections in!

Manual Focus 

Puddle reflections may confuse your cam’s auto focus, so use manual for full control. Slowly turn your lens (or tap the puddle on your phone screen) until the reflection–not the puddle itself–is in focus.

Jump In 

Have a friend jump in the biggest puddle you can find. Use burst mode and snap several pics the second their feet hit the water . You’ll get an impressive splash shot!

5. Bejeweled Plants

beforeEven a light drizzle leaves plants decked out in water jewelry, perfect for sparkly shots.

Get Close 

All those rain droplets hanging around are begging for some close-up shots. Use a macro lens on your iPhone and get close, closer, closest so you don’t miss any details.

Psst, You Can Cheat  

Don’t wanna wait for a rainy day to get these pretty shots? A spray bottle full of water does the trick just as well!

6. Shiny Nighttime Roads

beforePost-rain photos continue into the night with gorgeous rain-soaked streets.

Slow Exposure 

Head over to a busy street and capture all the lamp posts/car lights reflecting on the wet pavement. Bring a tripod and use a slow exposure to make the lights really glow.

Give the Colors a Boost   

Shots like these tend to have a lot of colors. Make ’em really pop by increasing the saturation in your fave editing program!

Taking it Further


  • Want even more post-rain fun? Look for drying puddles of water and shoot a “floating person” photo. Just have your friend stand directly behind the wet spot so that it looks like a shadow beneath their feet!
  • Keep your cam (and all other equipment) super duper safe in the rain with the DryZone Duffle. It’s waterproof sealed and padded for protection so all you have to think about is having fun!
  • If you’ve had enough of the rain and wanna stay indoors, we’ve got four Indoor Photo Ideas to keep you from getting restless.