Make Your Own Photo Mosaics With LEGOs

A LEGO Mosaic!Although elegant mosaics oft-graced Greek and Roman villas, they’re not so common anymore.

Those ancient works of art took hundreds of hours of painstakingly precise labor. Larger works even employed teams of artisans.

You don’t have teams of artisans.

But you do have LEGOs. And Photoshop.

John Tolva wrote up a tutorial that takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a photo mosaic using LEGO bricks. It’s not gonna turn your studio apartment into a villa, but we think it’ll bring a touch of class to the joint.

Also worth a look: Holly Barhamand made a photo mosaic out of beads, the mathematics behind arranging differently shaped tiles can get quite complicated, and Ed Hall LEGO-fied Starry Night. It took several months and ten thousand bricks!

John Tolva’s LEGO Photo Mosaic How-to