Make Your Own Cork Photo Coasters: Corksters!

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There’s one sure-fire way to make mom throw her hands in the air and scream this holiday season… Coasters!

No, not the roller type. Super fun photo-coasters made of cork! Corksters!

They’re the perfect gift for a mom who loves nothing more than seeing your smiling face stare up at her from under a beverage AND keeping water rings off of her coffee table.

Really, your mom HATES those rings.

So make her shriek with delight this Christmas, by making her some photo-coasters… and promising to use ’em.

How to Make Photo-Corksters

What You’ll Need

  • Photos
  • A Pen
  • An X-acto Knife
  • A Paint Brush
  • Something Round
  • A Surface on which to cut
  • Acrylic Varnish, to waterproof your photo-coasters
  • Sheets of Cork (we’ve seen ’em at the craft store, neighborhood drug store, and online.

You can make photo coasters with any photos, but try to think of what would look particularly funny staring up at you from underneath a glass. If that fails, try to think of photos that your coaster recipient would like… You can’t fail with your parent’s beautiful children or your far-away friend’s favorite hometown donut shop.

Step One: Round Up Some Cork

Place your round thing on the cork and trace around it.

Any ol’ round thing will do: a small plate, a big roll of tape, a pancake, anything that’s about coaster size.

Step Two: Round Up Your Best Shots

Use that same round thing to trace circles onto your photographs.

Say, you’re pretty good at this! Have you done something like this before?

Step Three: Time to Cut Loose that Cork

Now, cut out all of those circles you’ve been drawing.

We found it easiest to cut the cork with an exacto knife, but if you’ve been doing your grip strengthening excercises, you might get away with using scissors.

Step Four: More Cutting

It feels like we’re going in circles.

Once again, take up your cutting implement and cut.

Follow that line carefully!

Step Five: Stick it to ’em!

More specifically, apply a layer of acrylic varnish to the coaster, then stick a recently rounded photo to the top of that corkster.

Apply some pressure to the photo, to make sure it’s good and stuck.

Step Six: Weatherproofing your Coaster

Apply at least two coats of varnish over the top and sides of your Photo-Corkster to make it waterproof.

Be sure to wait for the first coat to get pretty dryish (to be precise) before you apply the second coat.

Step Seven: Wait for it…

Be sure to wait until the acrylic is dry dry dry before setting any actual drinks on your beautiful Corksters.

It’s probably best let them get a good night’s rest before putting them to work.

Ta da! All the thrill of a good rollercoaster, with none of the reverse-parastalsis.