Make the World’s Smallest Photo Postcard

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Of all the technological advancements of the 20th century, our favorite is the ability to click a device named after a rodent (mouse!) and have our inner most thoughts shot through space, right into the computers of our dearest friends and family.

We wonder, is it possible to one-up that?

It is! Ain’t no biggie. Actually, it’s very tiny. Introducing the world’s smallest photo postcard.

You can turn your photos into 1″x1/2″ confetti-sized wonders that you can even write on and mail to your favorite people. Our pal, artist and founder of the World’s Smallest Post Service Lea Redmond will show you how!

Download the template, insert your photos, sign and deliver. Your delighted friends will wonder if the world has gone mad or if it just accidentally stood under an electromagnetic shrink ray.

Make and Send the World’s Tiniest Photo Postcard

What You’ll Need


  • A digital photo file
  • Photo editing software (Photoshop or Illustrator, etc.)
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape or glue
  • Very fine tipped pen
  • Envelope and stamp for mailing

STEP 1: Download the Template

beforeStart by downloading the tiny postcard template from the World’s Smallest Post Service.

Once it’s downloaded, open it in your photo editing program of choice.

STEP 2: Insert Your Own Photo

beforeChoose a photo to put on your postcard.

We suggest one that has simple, bold imagery and good contrast (if it doesn’t have this, you can always up the color and contrast in your editor). This will guarantee that it still looks great even after it’s shrunk down.

Before putting the photo into the template you will need to resize and crop the photo so it is 1” wide and 0.625” tall.

Once you have it ready, place your photo of choice into the postcard template.

The template lets you make two postcards at a time, so go ahead and pick another photo to turn into a postcard.

STEP 3: Add Text to Your Photo

beforeIf you’d like, choose a fun font and, with a text layer, add the place name for the postcard –- maybe the city and state where the photo was taken (y’know, like the ones you see when you’re on vacation!).

STEP 4: Print

beforePrint the file. Because of the fine detail, the tiny image on the postcard will look best if printed with a laser printer, but an inkjet does a pretty good job, too.

STEP 5: Cut Along the Lines

beforeCut out the postcard in one long piece along the dotted lines.

STEP 6: Annnnd Fold

beforeFold the postcard down the middle line.

Your postcard now has a front (the photo) and a back (the blank area to write on!).

STEP 7: Stick the Two Sides Together

beforeIt should now look kind of like an open book. You’re going to want to stick it closed.

With double-sided tape or glue, adhere the front and back sides of the postcard together.

STEP 8: Write a Message

beforeThis is the best part! Write your friend a message. Suggestions: your birthday wish list, your top ten fave U.S. presidents, or hey, how about a hi?

Since your postcard is so tiny, you’re going to want to use a very fine tipped pen to write a message and address it.

STEP 9: Send the Tiniest Postcard Ever!

beforeDue to postal regulations, you’ll need to send your tiny postcard in a big world envelope with a big world stamp.

You might want to put a special little note somewhere on the envelope saying “look inside carefully!” to make sure your recipient doesn’t think the envelope is empty.

Then wait. You will certainly be hearing from your tiny postcard recipient soon.

Do More with Your Teeny Photo Making Abilities

  • Make teeny photo greeting cards or invitations — instead of sticking the two sides closed with tape, leave it open and write a message on the inside!
  • Use the template to print out mini versions from your last party. Make a mini mural of all your photos.
  • Turn your mini postcards into mini stickers! Just stick them to your notebook, laptop, or wherever with a piece of double-sided tape.
  • Go the other extreme. See how big of a postcard you can make. Write a giant message and see if your friend can even get it on their fridge!

The World’s Smallest Post Service is a teeny tiny letter transcription project run by artist Lea Redmond. She sends teeny tiny letters and packages through her site. Her creative workshop, Leafcutter Designs, offers curious goods, surprising services and participatory projects.