Make the Most of Your Phone Vids

You know your phone is often your best bet for photos, but don’t forget videos too!

Some of the best vloggers are using their phone these days, but how? What are they doing to get smooth shots, clear sound and incredible depth of field?

Well, we’ve figured it out. Check out our best tips and tools for making high quality vids with your phone! Everything you need to hit record.



Rock Steady

Unless you’re filming a Blair Witch remake, you want to eliminate bumps and bounces from your videos.

Use the Fly-X3 Motorized Phone Sabilizer to get a cinematic look without extra bulk. Smooth rides through your narrative make a world of difference to viewers.

Switch Up the View

Use a variety of different phone lenses to change up depth of field, angle of view and overall tone in your videos.

Our Phone Lens Series works great with Androids and iPhones, and they’re super easy to swap out quickly between takes.

Pinpoint Sound

Background buzz(kill) from traffic, passerby chit-chat or crashing waves can be super distracting to viewers.

Eliminate all that noise with The Mighty Mic. An essential sound tool that won’t weigh you down.

Take Control of Your Light

Don’t be a slave to the sun, create your own perfect light.

The Pocket Spotlight allows you to carry even, constant and slightly diffused light with you anywhere. Well lit subjects are key to pro vids.