Make Magical Photo Special FX (no spells required)

Ta-da! We’re about to reveal our best tricks for creating magical photo effects.

With a little collection of ordinary objects you can make your photos extraordinary.

Turn the whole world into a whole rainbow party, transform a handful of flour into a majestic cloud, paint the night sky with light and more.

Read on and you too can put the special in special effect photography.

Photojojo’s Guide to Special FX Photography




  • A Prism
  • Colored Flour (or Flour + Food Coloring)
  • LEDs or a Flashlight
  • Diffraction Paper

Bend Light to Your Will

beforeShooting through a prism is the grown-up sciency version of a mirror selfie. It’s three mirrors pointing at each other taking in different parts of the scene.

Shoot through the side to take in the goings on above and below you at the same time!

beforeYou can cover just half of your lens with the prism to get one part crystal clear shot and one part magic crystal sparkles.

And, if that one Pink Floyd album cover has taught us anything … prisms can make rainbows! Hold up your prism on a sunny day, or near a strong light. See where the rainbows land and snap a shot.

Add a Bit of Flour Power

beforeGrab a handful of colored flour. You can acquire flour precolored or make your own Then, throw or blow.

There are 2 basic ways to get your colored flour up into the air. You (or a pal) can throw it or grab a li’l handful and blow it.

Use lots of light (put a light behind/next to/above your flour thrower) and a fast shutter speed, to really freeze the action and catch every particle in the air.

beforeUse less light and a slower shutter speed for more mysterious soft dreamy clouds.

For an even more mysterious mood, have a friend throw (or blow) the flour from outside of the frame of the shot. Throw it behind your subject for a cloudy backdrop. Or simply shoot the flour as your main subject. Take several snaps and see what wacky shapes you get.

Become a Master Light Painter

beforeGrab a little LED, or a flashlight. Any handheld light will work. Heck, use your phone’s screen.

Put your camera on bulb mode and shoot a long exposure while you wave your light around to make lovely light paintings.

If you’re shooting on a phone, just download an app that let’s you shoot long exposures (we like SlowShutter).

beforeSpell your name or other words. Any words at all!

Start a long exposure in a dark room, then light only certain parts of the photo with different colors. Make your face blue, your dog red and Kevin’s face green.

Double (triple, quadruple) Rainbows
All the Way …

beforeDiffraction paper comes in various forms. From glasses to our very own Rainbow Peephole.

Simply place it in front of your phone’s lens and be amazed.

Where did all of these rainbows come from?! Snap away and your pix and vids are rainbowed.

This magical plastic creates rainbows by diffracting the lights that are shining at it. The more intense the light, the more intense the rainbow.

beforeGo bold. Point your phone + peephole directly at a bright light source to photograph a firework of rainbows.

Mo’ lights, mo’ bows. Point at a bunch of lights, like a wad of Christmas lights or the sun dappling through the leaves of a tree, to photo even more explosions of rainbows.

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We’ve got everything you need to make photo magic in one place! It’s called the Photo FX Kit and it includes:
  • 1 Bag Color Flour for color explosions
  • 1 Glass Prism to bend light to your whim
  • 4 Colored LEDs for light painting and more
  • 1 Rainbow Peephole for beautiful defractions
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