Make A Film Canister Bracelet

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What’s your photo sign? Black and white? Maybe you’re a die-hard Fuji fan. Or it’s Kodak Portra that really makes you swoon.

This DIY film canister bracelet will tell your new photo friends what your favorites are! They won’t even have to ask.

With a little plying, you’ll be able to recycle your film canisters into jelly-worthy cuffs.

We can see it now. New friendships blooming over your shared love of grain!

Make A Film Canister Bracelet

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Why it’s cool:

ingred-sm Sports fans have their favorite jerseys, music junkies have their favorite band-tee from that epic tour, and photogs have…camera straps?

We all love to show our pride for our favorite things in life, and this film canister bangle is a great way to do just that.

It’s super simple and customizable. Whether you’re a diehard black & white fan ready to ditch your color vision, or a slide film lover who isn’t willing to wear a shirt that’s a transparency, this film bangle is an awesome way to show off your favorite film.



  • Two Empty Film Canisters
  • A Can Opener
  • Pliers
  • Super glue or other effective adhesive
  • A ruler or straight edge

STEP 1: Popping The Ends Off The Canister

paint-smTake your can opener and use it to pull off each end of the canister. It might take a little bit of force, but try to be gentle in order to keep the canister in good condition.

Step 2: Spread The Canister Out

paint-sm Now that you have the ends off of the canister, spread it flat. The canister might kink or dent if you pull it too quickly or strongly, so be nice!

Step 3: Fold In The Edge

paint-smThe sides of the canister can be pretty sharp, so we’re going to crimp then in with a set of pliers. This also gives your bangle a little more rigidity so it won’t bend out of shape.

First, take your pliers and fold in the edge along the entire length and on either side. You don’t want to cover up what your canister looks like, so only do this for a thin strip. It should fold in to an angle just past 90 degrees.

Step 4: Press Down The Edge

paint-smHere’s where you need your ruler. The pliers might mark up the canister, so place it on the ruler with the label facing down.

Take your pliers and clamp down on the edge so that it’s nice and flat. Do this along the entire length and on either side.

Step 5: Stick them together

paint-sm Add some super glue or other effective adhesive onto the end of each canister and stick them together. Then, bend them around your wrist so that it’s shaped like a bracelet.

You’re done! Go rock the look.

Take It Further

  • Make a belt: use a bunch of canisters to make a canister belt!
  • Make a braided bracelet: cut the canisters into snips and try to weave them together!
  • Make a charm bracelet: cut the canister into small pieces and make little charms to string together. One for each type of film!
  • Make a USB Film Roll: It’s a USB stick inside a film canister!
  • Make a Film Roll Magnet: stick those to-do lists on the fridge with your favorite film canisters!