Make a DIY Photo Ledge — Dress Up Lonely, Blank Walls!

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What’s that you say, wall? You’re tired of the same old frames?

Lucky for you, we’ll be switching things up this month (and beyond!) with an instant photo gallery.

The DIY photo ledge takes a simple strip of plastic molding and turns it into an easy-photo-switching, exquisite photo wall sprucer-upper.

In other words, it’s a simple photo holder that makes your wall look awesome.

It looks especially sharp with Polaroids and Instax photos, but you can use it to display any collection of snaps! Your photo ledge will transform your walls from eh, blah … to aaaahhhh in under an hour.

Thanks to our pal Tom Watson who showed us how to make this photo ledge!

Why it’s cool:

Besides just looking great, you can make this awesome photo ledge for under $20 to dress up your new dorm room or the wall you’ve been wanting to add some color to at home.

This project won’t damage your walls like nails and frames since it uses removable adhesive strips for easy installing and de-installing.

What’s especially great, is that your photos will be easy to switch around whenever you want.

Change the photos up weekly, or arrange them in color schemes to match the season.



  • 8′ Piece of Plastic Cap Molding, available at local hardware stores
  • Adhesive Strips or Sticky Tack
  • Measuring Tape
  • Utility Knife
  • Cutting Surface
  • Pencil
  • Instant Photos

STEP 1: Size it Up

First things first, determine where you want to hang your photo ledge.

Measure the length, and mark the left and right edges with a pencil.

Determine the height.

Measure up from the floor, and make a few small marks on the wall with your pencil. Mark the height on the left, right, and center of the space.

TIP: The more marks, the better. This will help make sure the molding is straight and level on the wall.

Step 2: Cut:

The plastic cap molding usually comes in 8′ strips. It’s thin, and pretty easy to cut for smaller spaces.

Just measure how long you want it and use a utility knife to cut the extra.

Step 3: Make it adhesive:

The great part about this photo ledge, is everything is pretty lightweight.

You can use just about anything to stick the molding to the wall- velcro, double sided tape, sticky tack, or even spray adhesive will work.

We used some 3M Removable Poster Strips. They’re strong, clean and simple, and won’t damage the paint if you need to move or remove them.

Space adhesives out evenly across the back of the molding.

Step 4: Tack it up:

Use the marks you made in Step 1 as guides for where to place the molding.

TIP: Make sure the opening between the large and small pieces on the front is facing up. It forms a “pocket” to hold your images.

Step 5: Place your Photos:

Now for the fun. Slide your photos into that “pocket”.

They move around easily making for quick curatorial changes.

Step 6: Enjoy:

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Your wall thanks you.

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