Make a Daily Profile Photo…For Your Fridge!

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It’s inevitable; sooner or later (probably sooner) you’ll find yourself trapped in the dreaded Fridge Zone: forever peering into an open fridge pondering “What am I in the mood for?”

There is only one way out of The Zone; you gotta dig deep and discover your mood…with photography!

Get in some acting practice, snap some photos and make a handy magnetic go-to-guide of your emotions.

You’ll be wearing your heart on your sleeve and your mood on your fridge.

How To Make a Daily Photo Emoto-Magnet

Why it’s cool

beforeYour expressions are as classic as an A+ on your mom’s refrigerator.

Put your face front and center with an awesome magnetic spectrum of your emotions. It’s got a grid of your many moods and a magnetic frame to announce your current temperament.

Turning your photos into magnets is easier than mac n’ cheese. So go make some faces and we’ll teach you a new way to express your magnetic personality.



  • A camera with a tripod (or a friend)
  • An expressive face
  • Magnetic inkjet paper (easy to find at office supply stores)
  • Photoshop (or something similar)
  • Colored paper
  • Scissors and an x-acto knife
  • Ruler
  • Glue

Step 1: Ready, Aim…

beforeLoosen up and get ready to take the stage.

Find a good, sturdy, blank wall to stand in front of. Set up your tripod and/or friend then put some tape on the floor so they stay in the same spot for the whole photo shoot.

Set your camera to manual or aperture/ shutter priority so that all of your photos have the same settings (to keep their chart worthy uniformity in top form).

Step 2: Fire!

beforeTake as many photos as you need to capture all of the emotions you want to have on your emoto-magnet: 16 is a good number.

Might we suggest as a starting point: happy, sad, afraid, excited, surprised, hopeful, angry, meh, tired, hyper, anxious, peaceful, disheveled, confused, confident, and hip.

It’s easy to get carried away here but you can always edit them down later.

Step 3: Now to the (Digital) Drawing Board!

beforeOpen up Photoshop (or the program of your choice) and import all of the photos that made the cut.

Do any necessary editing and crop each picture to 1”x 1”

Step 4: Open up a Clean Slate

beforeOpen a new file that is big enough to hold your grid.

If you are using 16 photos you’ll need a file that is 5.75”x 6.75”.

Step 5: Go Graph Paper on That File

beforeNow we need to set up a bunch of guides to keep everybody lined up and spaced out (think high school choir).

To make a guide simply click on the ruler and drag your mouse either down or to the left. The math here sounds a little tricky but you’re a smart cookie!

First, make a guide that sits ½” in from the edge all the way around. Second, make a new vertical guide an inch in to the right from the border. Then, make another vertical guide a quarter inch to the right of that guide. Make a third vertical guide an inch to the right from the newest guide…

Keep it up, inch then quarter, inch, quarter – until you hit the other side. For the horizontal guides the pattern is inch, quarter inch, quarter inch; inch, quarter, quarter. That extra quarter is for our super important text labels. Savvy?

Step 6: Drag and Drop it Like it’s Hot

beforeOnce it’s all charted out, make sure “snap to guides” (in the View menu) is turned on and then drag each photo into your grid file and snap the pictures into the grid – so e-zee!

Step 7: Use Your Words.

beforeUse the text tool to write a description underneath each picture.

You left yourself a 1”x ¼” space for this which should be perfect for a 12 or 14 point font.

Step 8: Print it Baby, Print it!

beforePrint out your grid on your super cool magnetic paper.

You can place a black border around your grid in Photoshop to tell you where the edges are before printing.

Once your magnetic paper prints, trim it down to size.

Step 9: Fun With Colors and Shapes

beforePick a color from your stack of color paper.

Glue the colored paper you choose to a blank sheet of magnet paper. Then, draw and cut out a fun shape that is at least 1 ½” x 1 ¾”.

With your steadiest hand measure and cut a rectangle to the measure of 1”x 1 ¼” in the middle. Now you have a window into your emotional well being. Oh why, hello there!

If you got carried away and the grid is huge you can print it in pieces or on cardstock and hold it up with magnets on each corner.

Step 10: Spell it Out

beforeTake your most favoritest pen and write something like “Today I feel” or “Scott feels” or “I’m feelin’” or what have you across the top of the colored shape.

And look at that, you’ve got a fancy-pants selector piece.

Step 11: Post Your Status to Your Fridge!

beforeStick that puppy on the fridge, a filing cabinet, or your jet pack, and start showing the world how you feel!

Want some more?


  • Use the photos from this photo shoot as your digital profile pictures. Change them like you change your mood (and your sweater vests).
  • Make a magnet frame for your roomies/family (with their name on it) so you can keep tabs of
    each others’ emotional state.
  • Make copies for all the fridges out there that need a bit of you to cheer them up (like your mom’s…you really should give her a call).
  • If you’ve got kiddos in your life – have them take turns making expressions and make a collage chart of their cute little faces in the same fashion.
  • Don’t have Photoshop? You can do the same thing with printed photos, a ruler, some scissors and glue. Cut and paste old school – then cover the whole thing with a thin layer of clear contact paper to keep it looking fresh.