Make 3D Wiggle GifsIn 3 Simple Steps!

Worms wiggle. Your toes wiggle. And hey, gifs wiggle, too!

Or at least they can. And when they do, they look three-dimensional. How cool is that?

Now that Facebook is allowing gifs (whee!), we wanna use that new found power to post lots of 3D photos in the form of fun wiggle gifs! And we’re gonna show you how easy it to make ’em in just three steps.

This fun spin on the classic stereograph will have you fondly remembering the old days of photography, while also marveling at just how far we’ve come!

Give Your Gifs the Gift of Dance 

3D Pics: What, When, and How


Wiggle gifs are a modern take on the stereograph. And what’s a stereograph, you ask?

It’s a 3D image made by placing two nearly identical photos (taken at sliiiightly different angles) side by side and viewing them through a stereoscope.

Wait, what?before

Remember those cool red toys called View-Masters from when you were a kid? Those were stereoscopes and the cardboard reels you put in the top were made out of a bunch of little stereographs!



3D pic-viewing, or stereography, began in the late 1900s and the stereoscopes looked more like what you see here on the right.


Depth perception! When we look at an object, we’re actually seeing it from two slightly different angles at once, due to our eyes being spaced inches apart. Our brain merges those two images into one 3D image. Stereography and wiggle gifs mimic this process. Woah…

Now that you know more about stereogaphs and how awesome they are, we’re gonna show you how to make your very own wiggly 3D gif version!

Step 1: Set Up Your Shot

beforeYou’re only gonna need to take two photos for your wiggle gif. They’ll both be nearly identical except you’re gonna take ’em from slightly different perspectives.

Sounds easy, right? It is! Just keep a couple things in mind when you’re setting your shots:

Foreground and Background 

It’s helpful to have both a foreground and background in your pics, with your main subject right smack dab somewhere in the middle-ground.

This helps create a better depth of field, which will then give your wiggle gifs the optimal 3D “wow!” factor.

Your Main Subject 

For your first few tries, compose your shot so the main subject is in the center of the pic. Later you can try placing it off-center as well (while still keeping it in the middle-ground).

Also, try to keep your main subject as still as possible. If it’s moving around it may ruin the 3D wiggle effect once you put your two photos together.

Step 2: Take Your Photos


Like we mentioned above, your two pics are gonna look like twinsies except that their angles will be just a teeeeny bit different.


When taking photos of something up close (like our dino friends) then you’re only going to need to move your camera or phone a couple of inches around your subject.

When shooting something large and farther away, you’ll need to move an entire step or two until your perspective is noticeably different.

Around, Not Side-to-Side 

Don’t just step to the left or right when changing angles, otherwise your gif will look like it’s jumping side to side.

Instead, move around your subject by stepping up and to the side at the same time.

Keep Sight of the Subject  

Keep your phone or cam raised the entire time so you can keep your main subject in the exact same place within both pics. Using the brackets within your viewfinder is a helpful way to make sure your subject hasn’t moved!

Step 3: Make Your Gif


You’ve got your shots! Now you can let out that breath you’ve been holding and get to gif-makin’.

Put your two photos together however you’ve used to, whether that be through Photoshop or a free program like (which is what we used for all the gifs in this article).

On your phone? No prob! Try 5SecondsApp, an app that lets you create and share gifs from both photos and videos.

If you’re using Photoshop, there’s a handy little tutorial here. And with, all you gotta do is upload your two photos and then change the animation speed on the right side of the screen to make it however slow or fast you want.

Now go forth and spread the joy of 3D wiggle gifs to all around you!

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