Magnetic Photo Rope: The Perfectly Simple Photo Frame That Isn’t a Photo Frame

Magnets and Photography, together at last.We’ll admit it: when we first saw this thing, we nearly peed ourselves.

You see, we spend most of our time here at Photojojo World Headquarters (a.k.a. Amit’s bedroom) looking for awesome ways for you to show off your photos.

As you can imagine, we run into a lot of photo frames. And most photo frames are really, really dull.

So when we discovered this sleek and simple photo rope, this non-rectangular, non-photo frame, we were pretty stoked. When we found it was cheap, and used tiny, super-strong magnets to boot (we’re suckers for tiny magnets), we were sold.

In fact, we liked it so much, we bought a bunch and put them up for sale.

Magnets: miracle cure for backaches, headaches, and achingly boring photo frames.

Photojojo’s Magnetic Photo Rope