Lost & Found: The Camera That Rose From the Dead

rusted-out camera

It’s a modern-day fairtytale:

Once upon a time, a man found a digital camera at the bottom of a river.

After prying open the rusted-out remains of the camera, he found 244 miraculously undamaged pictures on the memory card.

The kindly man started a blog for the sole purpose of finding the person who took the pictures. Only 8 days later, he was able to reunite the long-lost photos with their joyful owner.

The great thing is, he’s not the only knight-in-shining-armor out there. I Found Your Camera is a hub for people who found photos or cameras and want to return them to their owners.

The moral of the story is: if you lose your camera, don’t give up hope — somebody somewhere may be trying to find you. If you lose it on the train, if you lose it on a boat, if you lose it in a goat, you can find it, yes you can!

I Found Your Camera
The first place to look if you lose your camera (or find one!)

The Camera That Rose From the Dead
The story of a drowned camera raised from the depths and restored to its loved ones.