Let’s Decide Once and For All: Canon or Nikon?

Which is better? Canon or Nikon?

It feels like this debate’s been going on longer than the “chicken vs. the egg” one.

So we’re gonna help you decide–once and for all!–whether you belong on “Team Canon” or “Team Nikon.” (Spoiler alert: they’re both great so you’ll be a winner either way.)

Read a little about each camp and what makes them special. A decision won’t be far behind!


Wait, What Debate?

beforeIn case you need a lil’ context: Canon and Nikon are the two leading camera and cam accessory brands. And photogs typically (and proudly) claim one brand or the other.

It’s been widely debated which brand is better, but we recommend you decide for yourself. Just listen to your heart! Oh and also check out the history and facts below.


beforeA Brief History 

During its founding in 1937, Canon was originally named the Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory in Tokyo! Cool, right? They changed their name to Canon ten years later.

Rad names aside, Canon also has an impressive creative history.

In 1948 they developed a field zoom lens for television broadcasting, as well as the world’s first movie camera with a zoom lens (the Reflex Zoom 8) in 1959!

Canon’s also responsible for a bunch of other firsts, such as the AE-1 (first camera with an embedded micro-computer) and the EOS-1N RS, which at the time was the world’s fastest Autofocus SLR camera.

Now that you know a lil’ bit about their history, let’s find out…

What Makes Canon Special 

A lot of users enjoy how simple Canon cameras are to operate. The layout, dials, and internal menu features are fairly standard from model to model.

So you can upgrade your camera without having to feel like you’re starting at square one each time!

Many also agree that the Auto White Balance on Canons is really reliable, which is especially helpful if you’re a beginner (or just someone who doesn’t feel like playing around with white balance settings all day).


A Brief History 

beforeIn 1917, leading optical manufacturers merged together and created what was then known as Japan Optical Industries. Years later in 1988, they named themselves after their awesome-tastic cameras: Nikon!

In addition to camera lenses, Nikon also manufactured lenses for things like binoculars and microscopes. 

In fact, during WWII, Nikon opened 30 factories and provided supplies like lenses and periscopes to the Japanese military!

Nikon’s also responsible for popularizing many features in SLR photography, such as electronic shutter control and interchangeable lenses. Go on with your bad self, Nikon.

What Makes Nikon Special

A lot of photogs swear by Nikon’s lenses. First of all, they’re comfortable to hold and handle. But there’s more to ’em than that.

Regardless of how old they are, almost all of the lenses Nikon ever made will fit right onto even the most brand spankin’ new of Nikon cameras. How fun is that?

Additionally, Nikon is said to work slightly better than competitors in low-light situations. You’ll get a cleaner shot even with a high ISO, so it’s great if you love things like concert photography!

Picking A Side?

beforeThere’s no wrong choice when it comes to picking between Canon and Nikon. Both are superb brands and the differences are mostly pretty mild!

But try to stick with a brand once you’ve picked it because camera accessories are rarely universal. Meaning you can’t buy a Canon lens and expect to use it on your Nikon, y’know?

Show Your Allegiance!

beforeWant your love of Canon or Nikon to be proudly displayed in the most adorable of ways?

Good, ’cause we’ve got just thing. How about a mug that looks just like your Canon and Nikon lenses?

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Taking it Further


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