Leave Your Mark! Customize Photos With Lumi

If you’re not already in love with Lumi, you will be soon. (We know we sure are!)

They’re so amazing that they wrote this article for you, with ideas on how to customize your pics: personalized stamps, signatures, and more. Your work will be even more you.

Whether you’re giving your bestie a super special photo for their b-day, or you just wanna decorate with more than a plain ol’ pic, Lumi’s got you covered.

Get ready to get creative!


First, Let’s Introduce Ourselves:

beforeHi! We’re Lumi and we like to customize everything we can get our hands on.

Photographers and artists use our custom branding tools to personalize their prints all the time, and we thought we’d share some classy ways we’ve seen it done–and one way we came up with on our own–using the photos (printed by Parabo Press) and hand lettering of designer Jenna Carando.

Make a Signature Impression

For your signature or your logo, an embosser is a classy, consistent way to leave your mark on your prints.

If you’re embossing over a part of your print (rather than just the margin), impressions look best on areas of the image that have less going on. We really like the impression on this photo because an emboss can make a personal photo like this one feel even more intimate.

Stamp Everything

The great thing about a rubber stamp is you can use it on (almost) everything. We used Jenna’s full logo on the back of one of her prints as more of a calling card. Sometimes prints (especially smaller ones) look better with a clear margin, so stamping on the back lets you leave your mark without affecting the art.

Ship Classy

beforeCustom mailers will take your prints to the next level. Whether you’re selling your prints or just sending them as gifts, you can mark your mailers in several different ways. We opted for the silkscreened effect. You can also use a rubber stamp or just order printed mailers in bulk. For shipping prints, we’re a fan of mailers made of thicker board so everything stays flat.

Bring Instagram to Real Life


We’ve all seen those inspirational, hand-lettered overlays on Instagram, but it’s way more fun to make (and display) those photos in real life.

With the Lumi silkscreen kit, we got a screen of a hand-lettered design from Jenna at 3 inches wide. Then we just taped down the print and the screen and squeegeed away. (This is easier with a friend.)
We also silkscreened a larger newsprint with a screen that’s 11 inches wide for a large format effect. Since it’s not on Instagram, you won’t get any hearts for your print, but you will definitely get real life oohs and aahs — which are way better.

Taking it Further


  • Now that you’re loving Lumi, check out our Lumi Gift Card + Goodie Pack and get inspired!
  • Don’t forget to get the Parabo App so you can have your pics turned into stunning prints just like the ones in this article.