Lavish and Large: Huge, Wall-sized Prints Using Your Inkjet or Laser

An example of what you can do with Rasterbator!Not since we used PrintShop for our Commodore 64 has mural printing been this addictive. The Rasterbator is a website that makes printing your photographs HUGE way easier (and way cheaper) than the print jockeys at your local copy shop.

Thanks to Gursky, small is out and BIG is in. And if you’re like us, you were tired of small anyway.

It’s simple: Upload your JPG file to the Rasterbator and it spits back a printer-friendly PDF. Use your trusty, or crummy, inkjet (or better yet, your work laser printer) and a few minutes later you’re holding a Rasterbated bundle of sheets ready for assembly into one chic wall mural.

Take that, small.

The Rasterbator

p.s. Need a little inspiration? Check out the Rasterbator tag on Flickr.
p.p.s. You can also get Rasterbator as a free desktop application for Windows.

The photo you see above was rasterbated by Shannon Holman. Thanks, Shannon!