KitSplit: Shoot with Super Fancy Gear for Very Little Moola

We’re ‘bout to get you all geared up for photo-snapping funmazement.

We’ve teamed up with KitSplit for a great giveaway! (We’re kinda mad we can’t win ourselves).

Win $100 in Photojojo gizmos and $100 in gear rental from KitSplit.

What’s a KitSplit? We’re glad you asked. Read along for complete giveaway rules and a formal introduction to our pals, the KitSplitters.


The Great Gear Giveaway

How to win $100 Photojojo Bux and $100 in KitSplit Cash:

1. Follow @Photojojo and @KitSplit on twitter (we only tweet fun photo stuff, promise).

2. Tweet to tell us what you’d most like to photograph with your winnings using #KitJojoGiveaway

3. Wait patiently till we announce the randomly chosen winner on September 16th. (You’ve got to be following us, so we can DM).

And Now it’s Time to Meet KitSplit

beforeWe spoke with Kristina Budelis, KitSplit Co-founder and President, to get the skinny on just how to split a kit.

Before we jumped into the serious business (see below) we vetted Kristina, to find out the essentials:

Q: What is your favorite ice cream?

A: My friend Zak Accuardi aka Churning Man makes to-die-for homemade ice cream. When he’s not around, I love Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie.

Q: What’s your favorite camera? You can’t say all of them!

A: Right now, I’m kinda obsessed with with Ricoh Theta S, which is a tiny (roughly iPhone sized) camera that takes 360° photos and videos….and it only costs about $350 to buy or $30 to rent. Very fun, easy way to start thinking in 360° (and to take 360° selfies, which are key).

Serious Business

beforeQ: What is KitSplit? (We already know, but we’re asking so our friends can know).

A: KitSplit is a community marketplace for cameras and related equipment like lights, lenses, oculus rifts and drones.

Called “The AirBNB of cameras” by Forbes and Fast Company, we connect people who need to rent cameras with camera owners. On the owner side, we have a lot of individual photographers + filmmakers as well as production companies, studios, and brick-and-mortar rental houses.

You can search across all options in one place, and save time and money by booking through the site! You can also get insurance + local delivery through KitSplit. And of course, if you own camera gear, you can make money renting it out. We take care of vetting and insurance to assure that it’s easy and safe.

Why is KitSplit?

beforeQ: What types of projects do people typically head to KitSplit to pick up gear for?

A: All kinds of fun photo and video projects, from band photoshoots to documentaries and commercial and narrative photo, video, and film shoots.

KitSplit-rented gear has been used for a shoot in the White House, to film a gorgeous Blood Orange music video with over 1m views, and for hilarious projects like this rap video “If I Was a Bird.”

One guy even rented a drone to film his proposal from the air! We’re constantly blown away by the awesome projects made by KitSplitters.

Get Ready for Gear Envy

beforeQ: What’s one of the craziest pieces of gear available on KitSplit right now?

A: We have a few Phantom Flex 4ks on the KitSplit. This is a super high-end camera that costs $125k to buy and takes outrageously gorgeous slow-motion footage. So that’s pretty crazy!

Q: What are the most popular things folks borrow/lend through KitSplit?

A: Mid-range cameras are really popular—like the Sony A7sii, the Canon C100 and C300, the Canon 5D Mark III. VR gear is also quite popular.

Trust Issues

beforeQ: Is lending our precious gear to randos safe? Can we trust ’em?

A: We at KitSplit believe people are fundamentally good…and the fact that over 95% of owner + renter ratings on the site are 5 stars supports that.

However, we know that sometimes things go wrong, and we’re not taking any chances with expensive camera gear. That’s why we vet everyone on the platform to make sure they are who they say they are, and make sure that every piece of gear rented via KitSplit is fully insured.

Cool Cool Cool

beforeQ: KitSplit is so cool! How’d you get so cool?

A: *blushes* OMG, thank you! I think KitSplit is cool because all of the super cool people on the team and in the community.

My coworkers are ubercool: there’s Lisbeth (cofounder and CEO) whose childhood acting career includes credits like Jingoistic Baby and Mutant Kid; our CTO Ken, who makes gorgeous stop-motion video games in his spare time; Danny, a Gif Master and Photojojo alum (automatic cool points); and our software engineer Brett who, in addition to being a brilliant developer also paints awesome murals.

Our members include other cool people like the Director of Photography of Borat and Helvetica, a top-notch photographer who shoots celebs and social impact stories, and too many other cool people to name. Hopefully I didn’t say “cool” too many times to be cool.

There you have it! Now, don’t forget to tweet what you’d shoot with $200 in gear from Photojojo and KitSplit with #KitJojoGiveaway. Follow us both on Twitter and you’ll be entered to win those 200 bux we were just talking about.

Smallish Print: Great Gear Giveaway open worldwide (KitSplit Rentals only available in the US … for now). Winner chosen 9/16. No purchase necessary.