Kayaking with Cameras: Keep your Gear Dry in Watery Situations

These hot summer days make us want to jump in a lake (or pool – or river – or ice chest) to keep cool. But let’s face it, wet cameras make for sad photographers.

We’ve been packing our gear in our favorite waterproof cases to document our summer adventures. Our pals Margo and Sara just took a few out for a test drive float down the river.

Check out their camera-filled kayak adventure and pick up some near/in/on/under water photography tips along the way …


One of our favorite places to keep cool and shoot photos is the Buffalo National River in the Ozark Mountains. This river is pristine, with clear water and big bluffs. Bonus – it’s America’s First National River!

After a big rain, it can get wild and crazy, but this late in the summer it is pretty mellow. We rented a kayak from a local outfitter, packed up our gear, and set out for the day.

Sunscreen- check. Hat- check. Paddle- check. Cameras- check. Banjos- no way.

We used the Super Suit for our phones, the DryZone Duffle for a few big cameras, and a Polaroid Cube in its waterproof case to capture the day. All three of these guys are water-tight, so we felt confident taking our gear with us.

The Cube is a pretty sweet lil camera. We used the waterproof kit to suction it to the front of the boat. We were hoping for bigger rapids, but the cave we found was pretty scary cool.

We took the Cube and the Super Suit for a swim together. It was 100 degrees outside, and they said they were hot (we were too!). Both of these guys are perfect for snapping shots in the water. The Cube has a wide angle lens that’s great for river selfies. We’re looking forward to more trips next summer with Cube+, so we can edit and upload right from the river!

The best thing about the Super Suit is that we don’t have to worry about the phone accidentally getting wet. We like low funky angles in the water. Flipping the phone upside down gets the camera closer lower to the water, but you can still see what you’re shooting.

If you’re in a pinch, you can use your phone in a Ziploc bag. Just be super careful. We’ve also found little passport sized dry-bags, but you’ll still have to take your phone out to use it.

This DryZone Duffle is a must for any water-loving photog. It’s really thick and well secured, so we felt totally safe taking our big cameras down the river with us. It even helps ward off crazy river sharks.

Really, we love our phone cams but sometimes we want to slow down and take it old-school.

Thanks, Buffalo National River! We’ll be back soon!