Juxtaposer: The Best Layering App Ever

Want to be a game piece in Candyland? Want to ride a roller coaster down the Rocky Mountains?

Now you can do it all! … Well, you can make it look like you did it all.

Juxtaposer is the best app for creating fun photomontages. Cut out a piece of one photo and stick it onto another. We can’t stop playing with it!

We’re going to show you the ins and outs of this app and turn you into a pro user. Because everyone needs to know how to make a photo of themselves swimming in a tub of ice cream.

Create Fun Photomontages Using Juxtaposer


You don’t have to be a Photoshop pro to use this app! You can make wacky photomontages with the same skills and dexterity needed to finger paint.



STEP 1: Load your Photos

beforeBackground Image – Choose the photo that will take up the majority of your final image. It’ll be the backdrop, so make sure it’s not too distracting.

Top Image – Choose the photo you want to cut bits and pieces out of to stick onto the background.

STEP 2: Choose Yer Weapon

beforeYou’ll be using an eraser brush to cut out the pieces of your top photo.

Click the brush icon at the top to choose just the right one: The first two circles function as regular erasers. The second two are transparent, great for blending images to create a double exposure look.

The regular and transparent brushes each have a hard and soft option. The hard brush creates a hard edge, good for erasing away big unwanted chunks of your photo. The soft brush creates a blurred edge, perfect for refining the edges of the part you are keeping.

Then pick your size! Just use the slider to figure out what brush size you’re most comfortable with.

STEP 3: Erase

beforeOnce you have your eraser ready, pick your eraser mode!

Normal Mode – Erase the top photo, and watch the background photo appear.

Transparent Mode – Your top photo will become transparent so you can see the background photo as you erase. This is really helpful if you’re trying to make your top photo look sandwiched between something in the background image.

Red Mask Mode – The part you erase will turn red instead of showing the background. This is a good mode to be in if you need to unerase!

If you get a little eraser happy and mess up, no sweat! Just choose the unerase button at the bottom right, and bring back what you erased.

Choose the ‘Change View’ option at the bottom to zoom in AS CLOSE as you want to get those edges perfect!

STEP 4: Fine Tune

beforeJuxtaposer allows you to edit each layer individually, which is really cool because you can make your top and bottom photos match each other.

If your top photo isn’t as colorful as the background, just bump up the saturation until it looks good!

Use sliders to adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, and more.

STEP 5: Adjust Top Photo

beforePress the ‘Move Top’ button at the bottom. This lets you adjust the size of your top photo, and lets you move it around. Play around until you like how it looks!

STEP 6: Make A Stamp

beforeNow that your top photo has been erased, edited, and refined – you can make a stamp out of it!

Press the menu button at the top left, then press ‘Stamp manager’. Press ‘Save current’, and now you have a stamp!

To use a stamp: go to ‘Stamp manager’, choose one you’ve made, then press ‘Add new top image’.

This is a really cool tool, you can make a whole photo series using stamps! How about a series of your toy dinosaurs taking over your city?

STEP 7: Save and share

beforePress the menu button at the top left again, then press save image. It’s now in your camera roll!

You can press the ‘Share/Send Image’ option to post it on your fave social media site.

Taking It Further


  • Add more photos! Pile on as many photos as you want – the possibilities are endless.
  • Use action shots! A picture of you jumping on a trampoline, could become a picture of you skydiving! Sans parachute will make you look like a daredevil.
  • Take advantage of a macro lens. You can do a lot with close-up images of nature! Think “Alice in Wonderland”.