It Happened to Me: I Made a Photo Book in Less Than 15 Minutes

Scrolling through your camera roll is cool and all, but leafing through the pages of a photo book is just more magical.

We’d make a photo book for every occasion, but who has the time?

Turns out, if you’ve got 15 minutes, you do!

Photojojo-er and all around great gal, Laurel, just got back from a trip to Thailand, and put together a photo book of her adventures in less than 15 minutes.

And, she’s here to tell you just how she did it.


. . .

It’s true. I made a photo book of my trip to Thailand and I love it. I’ve already flipped though it roughly a bajillion times and made every friend who has come over in recent history flip through it too.

So, how did I make it so quickly? There’s one big secret … lean in close:



While I was in Thailand, each night I scrolled through the day’s photos, deciding which ones to ‘gram and which to text to Mom, and I smashed that little fave heart on my faves.

That’s it.

Make the Book from Your Phone


I made my book with Parabo Press. First, I downloaded the app.

(jk, I obviously already had the app. Did you know Photojojo invented Parabo Press? We did).

Then, I choose my book style – kept it cajzh with a 8” Softcover for this one.

Here’s the magic part: In the picture chooser screen, I tapped the carrot next to the “Camera Roll” up top and ask the app to only show me the photos in my “Favorites” album.

That way, the bulk of my decision making was already done by my past self. (Thanks past self)!

I tip-tapped my photos and headed to checkout in well under 15 minutes.

Happily Ever After


Here’s the real hard part: waiting for your book to arrive …

Parabo will print it up and ship it out asap. You just wait for the mail person.

Once you have your beautiful book, cherish it forever.

Taking it Further

  • THIS WEEK ONLY: Take 50% off all Photo Books and Zines from Parabo Press. Use the code HALFB by 3/25/17.
  • You can have the Parabo photo chooser show you only your Instagrams, so you can quickly make a book from just those shots.
  • Have travel buddies put their photos into a shared dropbox folder. Yup, you can access those from the Parabo photo chooser screen too.
  • Travel tip: If you find yourself in Bangkok. Book yourself a food tour! Highly recommend.