iPhone 7 Plus Camera Test

Don’t have an iPhone 7 Plus? Us either … but, we know someone who does!

We got our friend Danny to snap a few pics and show us the magic that is a double lensed camera. *swoon*

Come along and check out that mega zoom, portrait mode and more.

  • First, let’s see those sick stats:
  • Primary Camera is 12 MP!
  • It has two lenses – 28mm, f/1.8 with Optical Image Stabilization …
  • and a 56mm, f/2.8 that gives the phone 2x optical zoom.
  • This camera is flanked by a quad-LED dual tone flash.
  • Front Facing (selfie!) camera is 7MP (woah) …
  • with a 32mm, f/2.2 lens.
  • Video capabilities:
  • 2160p@30fps, 1080p@30/60/120fps and 720p@240fps
  • And yeah, you can simultaneously shoot 4k video and take 8MP photos.


You ready for that 2x Optical Zoom?

Optical Zoom means that it’s using the telephoto lens. The quality of the photo is just as good as the photo with no zoom. In the olden days of single lenses (remember those days?) zooming in had the same effect as cropping a small section of the image – which meant image quality took a big hit.


When you combine the 2x optical zoom, with 5x digital zoom, you basically have super powers. Yeah, this is too good. Let’s just see one more example.

Good gracious.

Fancy Pantsy Mode

Now, you’ve probably guessed that Danny is cool (thanks for showing us your phone, Danny!) but did you know he is so cool that he has the beta version of iOS that includes the upcoming “Portrait Mode” to add a depth-of-field effect? Here is that effect in full effect:

Hi Brett Thompson, web developer at KitSplit!

And guess what? That mode isn’t just for portraits, you can portrait mode any old thing. Hello subway post.

How does this phone do that? It (mathemagically) calculates the foreground, then adds blur to the background for a beautiful bokeh look.

Super Selfies

The front-facing (aka face-facing) camera is 7MP! Yup, that’s better than the iPhone 4’s main camera. It’s really super. Get ready to take your self portraiture to a whole new level.

Danny Tells All

We threw a bunch questions Danny’s way, to find out just what it’s like to own the iPhone 7 Plus.

Q: Do you notice more or less battery life?
A: Battery life is way better than my iPhone 6 … but I still carry my apple juice back up battery just in case.

Thanks for the plug, Danny. That’s why we like you.

Q: How do you fit that monstrosity in your pocket? Or, do you now use a fanny pack? belt holster?
A: Surprisingly, it fits in my pocket, but just barely. Sometimes I feel weird making phone calls with basically a small iPad up to my face. haha.

Q: Do you just never stop taking photos now?
A: I’m constantly looking for things I can use depth effect on. Or, interesting light to take advantage of that f/1.8 aperture. Or, really far away things.

Q: What if we just borrow it for like … a while … ?
You can’t borrow it, but maybe you can rent a dslr. *wink*

There you have it! Our adventures with Danny’s iPhone 7 Plus. Want more Danny in your life? Follow him on Instagram and Twitter. He works at KitSplit. We really like KitSplit. Check ‘em out!

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