#Instaxagram Portraits for Analog & Digital Lovers Alike

Friends get worried when they don’t see you with a camera in tow.

That never happens though because you can always be found with *at least* two. The perfect justification: Instaxgrams.

Kyle Steed’s Instaxgrams are portraits shot half on Instax and half on Instagram.

He starts by taking a photo with his Instax and then holding that print up in front of the same subject and shooting it with his phone.

You can try your own portraits, but don’t stop yourself there. Landscapes and still-lifes make excellent subjects, too.

The analog and digital sides of you will never have a tiff again!

TIP: This project works with *any* kind of camera. Just get a photo printed, and go back to the same spot.

INSPIRATION: Get inspiration at Dear Photograph. (Thanks @moraima_photo!) Or try it digitally. See our tutorial on See-Through Photo Gadgets.

Kyle Steed’s Instaxgrams
[Watch Kyle’s site for an Instagram photo book coming this year!]

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